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Paralegal Studies Getting Started

There are two program tracks for COD's Paralegal Studies program. The right program track for you depends upon whether you are seeking your first college degree or if you already have a college degree.

The Associate in Applied Studies degree is for students who do not have a college degree and are seeking a two-year college degree in paralegal studies.

The certificate program track is for those who already have an associate degree or a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college/university and are seeking to add the certificate credential to their degree.

Associate in Applied Studies Degree

The A.A.S. degree requires 64 to 67 credit hours of coursework, including general education classes and other classes designed to provide technical and professional competence. Students who do not have a college degree must enroll in this program.

Paralegal Associate in Applied Science Application

Certificate Program

The certificate program requires 36 credit hours of coursework, limited to courses focusing on paralegal skills and education. The certificate program is only available to students who have already earned a college degree.

Paralegal Certificate Application

Both program tracks require a student to be accepted into the program after taking prerequisite coursework and completing a program application.

Please note: Students may continue to enroll in paralegal classes each semester prior to being admitted into the program, except that students seeking admission into PLGL 2600 must have been accepted into the program in order to enroll in these classes.

In either case, the student's first step would be to enroll in Introduction to Paralegal Studies, PLGL 1100, which is a prerequisite for program admission.  Paralegal 1150 is also a program prerequisite, which can either be taken in the same semester as PLGL 1100, or in a separate semester.  In addition, A.A.S. degree students must also take ENGLI 1101 as a program prerequisite.

After the prerequisites listed above have been taken, the student is ready to apply for official admission into the program by completing the applicable program application.  The application forms can be accessed below.  Also attached is the Reference Form, which must be completed and mailed directly to the program chair by the three individuals who will be providing references.

If you have any questions contact Annie Knight, Program Chair, program chair, at

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