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Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology Student Learning Outcomes

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology Program graduates will

  • Apply knowledge of anatomy, physiology, positioning, and MRI sequence parameters to accurately demonstrate anatomical structures.
  • Determine imaging parameters to achieve optimum imaging.
  • Evaluate images for appropriate positioning, coil selection, and image quality.
  • Apply the principles of ferromagnetic safety and contrast application for the protection of the patient, technologist, and others.
  • Recognize emergency patient conditions and initiate life-saving first aid and basic life-support procedures.
  • Evaluate the performance of MRI systems, know the safe limits of equipment operation, and report malfunctions to the proper authority.
  • Participate in MRI quality assurance programs.
  • Provide care and comfort in regard to the holistic health of the patient, technologist, and others.
  • Provide patient education related to MRI procedures.


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