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Sites and Resources for Library Jobs

The sites listed below provide specific information for library-related jobs. Most of the general sites in this Webliography have some library job listings and are useful for assisting job seekers. These sites provide specialized resources not easily found in the other listings.

American Library Association

The ALA provides the very latest information on library jobs all across the country. In an effort to assist librarians and library workers find employment, the ALA provides the following links:

Illinois Library Association's Jobline

The jobs in the Illinois Library Association listing are updated weekly. Also included here is a wealth of information about libraries in Illinois. You may even download the latest "ILA Reporter," the publication of the Illinois Library Association. 

BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook

Have you checked your job description lately? Do you have a job description? The U.S. Government has put together a detailed and accurate description of the work of library technicians. They provide salary information and a better-than-average outlook for the profession. Move from library technician to any other occupation. Don’t forget to check the charts on their home page. This will be useful for LTAs, job seekers of all types and students doing occupational research assignments. 

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