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Professional Organizations

Library Support Staff Interests Round Table (LSSIRT)

There is a place for library paraprofessionals in the American Library Association called LSSIRT. Check here for recent meeting reports, their current stand on the issue of certification, and membership information. 
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ALA Intellectual Freedom Statements and Policies

This section of the ALA web site contains important documents that every library worker should know about such as the "Library Bill of Rights", "The Freedom to Read Statement" and "The ALA Code of Ethics." 
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Community and Junior College Libraries Section (CJCLS)

There is a new section of CJCLS called "The LTA Educators" section. Check here for the latest reports and recommendations of this section. Provide input as we help shape the future for library educators. 
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Amanda Musacchio, Instructor
Student Resource Center (SRC), Room 3137, (630) 942-3787

Social/Behavioral Sciences and the Library Division Office
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2E06
(630) 942-2010