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The Library Practicum

Library and Information Technology 2600: The Library Practicum

Upon completion of all eight Library and Information Technology courses, the student is ready to begin actual work in a library. This is called "The Library Practicum."

The Practicum involves working 75 hours in a library over the course of one semester. Students experience all areas of the library and work under the direction and supervision of a professional librarian. Students gain hands-on practice performing tasks that library technicians normally do.

Choosing the library

 It is the student's responsibility to notify the coordinator of the Library and Information Technology program at least one semester before the practicum begins. Students will provide three library choices for field experience. The coordinator will review the choices and suggest the best placement from the student’s three choices.

The student will receive an introductory information packet. The student will use the information and letter of introduction provided to contact the library with a request to do a practicum. When a library agrees to host a student, the student will set up a meeting to talk about the program requirements and a preliminary schedule will be approved at this meeting.

In addition to the 75 hours of service these are the topics covered in the online course via Blackboard: 

  • creating a professional portfolio 
  • writing professional philosophies 
  • creating goals, skills sets, and work samples 
  • job searching for library jobs using the Internet 
  • creating a resume and cover letter 
  • creating a professional web page 
  • communicating with staff at the host library


Steps to Begin Your Library Practicum

This document includes the steps and common FAQs students have about the library practicum. 

Click here to download the Steps to Begin Your Library Practicum 

Student Practicum Handbook 

This booklet can help answer the many questions that students have. about completing their library practicum. 
Click here to download the complete Student Practicum Handbook  

Librarians' Practicum Handbook

This handbook is for librarians who will be hosting a practicum student. It contains the forms and information librarians will need to submit to the Library and Information Technology coordinator. 
Click here to download the Librarians' Practicum Handbook  

Contact Information

Amanda Musacchio, Instructor
Student Resource Center (SRC), Room 3137, (630) 942-3787

Social/Behavioral Sciences and the Library Division Office
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2E06
(630) 942-2010