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Bachelor Degree Transfer Programs

Fire and Emergency Services - Higher EducationCollege of DuPage maintains transfer partnerships with several universities. Students interested in transferring after completing their associate's degree at COD should consult with the program manager of the EMS/Fire Science Program to develop a course plan to ensure that all credits are fully transferable.

Transfer Programs

  • Eastern Kentucky University offers both on campus and online Bachelor programs with opportunities to major or minor in Fire, Arson, Explosives Investigations, Emergency Medical Care, Fire Protection & Safety Engineering and Fire Protection Administration
  • Southern Illinois University
  • University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
    University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh offers online Bachelor Degrees in Fire and Emergency Services Management with an emphasis on Fire Service Leadership or Emergency Management. 
  • Western Illinois University offers both on campus and online Bachelor Programs.  The on campus program is for the traditional student, while the on-line program is meant for the working professional in the fire service. 


Program Contact Information

Please visit the Program Contacts page for detailed information.