student giving an eye exam

Job Outlook

Salary Range

According to Career Coach; the average salary for an Eye Care Assistant is $38,411 per year and $47,381 per year for an Ophthalmic Technician with the opportunity to earn more with experience and additional training and certification 

Employment Growth

The job outlook is favorable for graduation Certified Eye Care Assistants as the job market has more than 350 job openings annually. There is currently a significant shortage of qualified ophthalmic assistants, technicians and technologists in the U.S.

The demand will continue to increase because of the growing elderly population in this country. As the baby boom generation grows older, more vision care specialists will be needed to keep up with demand. 

Graduation Results

Of those who provided information, 100% indicated employment in field in the 2018 summer graduating cohort. The next graduation survey will be given in July 2020. 


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