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Eye Care Assistant Student Learning Outcomes

Eye Care Assistant students will develop skills and knowledge necessary to gain employment as entry-level eye care/ophthalmic assistants and become contributing members of an eye care team.

Eye Care Assistant Program graduates will

  • Obtain knowledge of the anatomy and physiology, patient care concepts, aseptic technique and environmental control, supplies and equipment and procedures in order to enhance his/her ability to provide safe and quality care to all ophthalmic patients.
  • Demonstrate high ethical codes of conduct and high professional standards as clinicians. 
  • Be prepared academically and clinically to successfully pass the certified ophthalmic assistant (COA) exam mandated by I-JCAPHO.
  • Feel encouraged to possess a life-long commitment to personal growth and professional development through continued involvement in the profession.
  • Learn how to provide a safe and caring environment, in which working as a part of the ophthalmic team can provide a positive outcome for all culturally diverse patients.
  • Receive hands-on experiences that require applying learned material/knowledge to practice by incorporating technical and critical thinking along with clinical reasoning/problem solving.

Program Contact Information

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