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Workplace Writing offers strategies for addressing the rapidly changing processes for producing various modes of workplace communication, such as resumes, letters of applications, internal and external correspondence, descriptions, proposals, summaries and reports. This course is designed for those entering the workplace for the first time or for experienced professionals seeking to update their writing skills. 

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Technical Writing is one of the fastest growing fields in the creative and media areas. This course shows you how to create digital and print documents that helps your audience understand difficult systems and processes. It focuses on usability, audience analysis, designing pages and digital screens, effective collaboration with peers, researching, interpreting and ethically presenting data, and writing clearly and persuasively. Students of any major who want to enhance their marketability, as well as current professionals looking to grow in their field, are encouraged to enroll. 

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Learn techniques that combine elements of digital composition with an effective, appropriate style for online communication. Examine social media applications, analyze visual and multimedia design, develop cross-platform strategies, and explore the ever-evolving landscape of digital rhetoric to prepare yourself for the global stage.

Writing in the Professions addresses these questions by having students identify and study the specific writing and texts used in their professional field. Students also network with a professional, conduct research in their field and propose a recommendation to move the field forward—all while composing professional texts. This course is designed for students entering the professional world and for experienced professionals seeking to enhance their writing skills.

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Professional Editing focuses on the basic principles of editing professional documents, including editing for content, organization, style, layout, and mechanics. The course is designed for students interested in editing and professionals looking to enhance their writing and editing skills.

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In English 2115, students work with a local community organization to communicate its message, obtain grants, fundraise, and establish goodwill. This course is for those interested in community writing, already working at a community organization, or creating their own community space.

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