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Non-Invasive Electrocardiography (EKG)

Electrocardiography (EKG) technicians are skilled health care professionals who perform non-invasive cardiology tests including; pulse, blood pressure, recording electrical activity of the heart, stress testing, and holter monitor testing. The EKG program includes a module in telemetry; defined as the transmission of cardiac signals to a receiving location where they are displayed for monitoring. Telemetry is used for inpatients who are at risk of abnormal heart activity, generally in a coronary care unit. Telemetry technicians are responsible for monitoring patients on these devices.

The Non-Invasive Electrocardiography Certificate program is an intensive three-semester curriculum, with course work in Basic EKG (HLTHS 1126) and Advanced EKG (HLTHS 1128). EKG clinical (HLTHS 1129) is designed to meet the needs of the curriculum, the clinical affiliation, and certification standards while preparing the student for employment. This certificate is designed for students interested in taking technical courses for immediate entry into a field of employment, and for current health care workers who would like to update their EKG testing skills.

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The electrocardiography (EKG) procedure records the electrical activity of the heart muscle via electrodes displaying heart activity as a visual tracing. This tracing provides valuable information as it relates to the electrical conduction system of the heart. EKG Technicians are presently employed in a variety of patient care settings, including hospitals, clinics, physician offices and laboratories.

Electrocardiography (EKG) provides the physician with information about the electrical activity in the heart.


  • Non-Invasive Electrocardiography

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