Early Childhood Education & Care Student Learning Outcomes

Early Childhood Education and Care* AAS program graduates will:

  • Create healthy, respectful, supportive and challenging learning environments for children birth through age 8 based on understanding of child development and individual characteristics and needs
  • Explain how to involve families and communities in young children’s learning based on an understanding of diverse characteristics and engaging them in respectful, reciprocal relationships
  • Examine the goals, benefits and uses of a variety of formal and informal developmentally appropriate assessment tools that could be used in a responsible way, in partnership with families and other professionals, to positively influence children’s development
  • Implement a variety of developmentally appropriate approaches, strategies, and tools to connect with children and families and positively influence children’s development and learning
  • Develop meaningful and challenging developmentally appropriate experiences in all content areas that promotes comprehensive developmental and learning outcomes for each child
  • Demonstrate the multiple roles of an early childhood professional including, but not limited to:  advocacy, adhering to professional code of conduct, professional dispositions, and reflective practice
  • Apply knowledge, skills and professional dispositions when observing and/or participating with young children in at least two of the three early childhood age groups (birth-3, 3-5, 5-8) and in a variety of childcare settings

* Student learning outcomes for the AAS in Early Childhood Education and Care are proposed and will need to go through the proper channels to be approved.