male student working at computer in CT scanner lab

Computed Tomography (CT) Learning Outcomes

Diagnostic Medical Imaging Nuclear Medicine Computed Tomography Program graduates will

  • Operate CT equipment and perform CT exams under the direct supervision of qualified CT Technologists until they have successfully passed clinical experience evaluations on CT exams. Failure to observe these requirements may result in immediate dismissal from the clinical site and possibly the CT Program.
  • Demonstrate a total of 125 repetition in 59 CT Procedures as required by the Program in 6 categories per ARRT requirements (Head, Spine and Musculoskeletal; Neck and Chest; Abdomen and Pelvis; Additional Procedures; Image Display and Post Processing, and Quality Assurance), ideally completing 65 CT procedures per clinical course. The CT program objectives are based on ARRT Computed Tomography Certification Requirements.

Program Contact Information

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