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Getting Started

Where do I start? What course do I take next?

The course you should take next is dependent on many variables:

  • What do you want to learn about computers?
  • Thinking about computer programming?
  • Are you working toward a CIS degree or certificate?
  • Are you planning to transfer the course to another college?

Suggested Starting Courses

You should start with one of the following courses; they have no CIS prerequisites but CIS 1400 does have a math prerequisite. For complete descriptions click on the course number. Additional information to help you decide which course fits you best is listed.

Course Additional Information

CIS 1110 - Using Computers

  • Will NOT transfer
  • Not part of a CIS degree or certificate
  • Intended for some of the Health Science areas, the home or casual user

CIS 1150 - Introduction to Computer and Information Science

  • Transfers to most four-year schools
  • Required for all CIS certificates and degrees

CIS 1160 - Windows Command Line

  • Overview of Windows Command Shell
  • Required as a program requirement for some CIS programs

CIS 1400 - Programming and Logic Techniques

  • Required for all CIS certificates and degrees
  • Required for enrollment in any programming language
  • Prerequisite - Math 0482 or Math 1115

Thinking about computer programming?

Do you like working with computers? Do you like solving puzzles? Are you attentive to even the smallest details? Are you good at organizing, planning and prioritizing your work? Computer programming may be for you. To help you decide, try beginning programming at Hour of Code or Codecademy.

Seeking a degree or certificate? Transferring to a four-year school?

Usually students who intend to transfer or intend to complete a certificate or degree at the College of DuPage start with CIS 1150 - Introduction to Computer and Information Science. CIS 1150 is a survey course that covers many areas of computers, such as hardware, software, and the Internet. Hands-on experience with the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office is included. CIS 1150 is required for all certificates and degrees at College of DuPage and will transfer to most four-year schools.

If you are interested in transferring to a four-year school, start with exploring the transfer requirements of some of the schools that offer Computer Science Bachelor Degrees.


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