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Central Processing Distribution Technician Learning Outcomes

Central Sterile Processing Distribution Technician Program graduates will

  • Describe the purpose of a central service department and the roles of individuals who work in central service
  • Locate the different areas of a central service department
  • Apply correct surgical terminology related to surgery and central services
  • Identify microbiology issues related to central services
  • Describe how microorganisms are transmitted and controlled in central services
  • Compare and contrast standards and regulations related to central service departments
  • Define the appropriate use of disinfectants and sterilants
  • Demonstrate functions necessary in central services
  • Define infection prevention and control
  • Determine proper use of sterile packaging and storage of sterile packages
  • Differentiate between proper high-temperature and low-temperature sterilization procedures and concerns
  • Demonstrate proper management of patient equipment
  • Identify tracking systems and methods of quality assurance
  • Demonstrate safe practices while in the central service department
  • Demonstrate proper cleaning and decontamination of instruments

Source: 2018 CSPD Annual Update submission


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