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Human Resource Management Certificate

Designed to provide entry-level human resource generalist and specialist content and competency development for individuals seeking careers in Human Resource positions.  The courses and certificate are designed to also be completed by individuals seeking advancement in their HRM careers, refresher HRM competency skill development, prep for the aPHR certification exam offered through the Human Resource Certification Institute, or recertification credits in an HRM-related content. 

The HRM certificate requires nine credit hours in the courses listed below

MANAG 2240 – Human Resource Management (3 credit hours)

Addresses key human resource management competencies and practices associated with attracting, developing, and retaining an organization's human capital. Includes practices and procedures associated with strategically aligning the firm's human talent to accomplish organizational goals.

MANAG 2240 is the prerequisite course for MANAG 2242, 2245 and 2248 and is offered in both classroom and online formats.

Human Resource Management Learning Community

Students enroll in and complete the follow three courses concurrently taught in a 16-week classroom-based learning community, accelerated hybrid format:

MANAG 2242 – Talent Acquisition and Retention (2 credit hours)

Course focuses on the activities involved in the acquisition and retention of human capital and talent. The course explores Human Resources role in developing, implementing, and measuring the individual and organizational success of activities and programs in the following areas: sourcing, recruiting, hiring, onboarding, orientation, and retention.

MANAG 2245 – Workforce Development and Compensation (2 credit hours)

Course will examine key human resource concepts and tools designed to enhance workforce and organizational performance. Topics include workforce and performance management, employee training and development, employee and labor relations, total rewards, compensation, and benefits.

MANAG 2248 – Strategic Human Resource Management (2 credit hours)

Course covers the alignment of an organization's human resource management and business strategies, including the overall design of the human resource management structure to align with and enable optimal employee performance relative to the strategic goals of the organization.

Students graduating with the Human Resource Management certificate complete a professional portfolio project that becomes a deliverable to be used in a Human Resource job interview.

Students hear from HR professionals throughout the Learning Community courses.

The four courses in this certificate fully stack in to the COD AAS Management degree.

This four-course certificate may be used as prep for the aPHR exam offered through the Human Resource Certification Institute. The aPHR credential demonstrates proof to employers of the foundational HRM expertise and competencies necessary for a successful HR career.

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