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Maker Market

Watch the 2020 Meet the Maker video series

Entrepreneurship Professor Peter James interviews Maker Market Entrepreneurs to learn more about their business and entrepreneurial journey.

  • Worth Steeling - Lauren Milligan, College of DuPage Student
  • Solstice Imaging Inc - SunShine Ballentine, College of DuPage Student
  • Maddy Kakes Bakery - Maddy Fricano, College of DuPage Alumni
  • Bloom for the Sun - Jordyn Derrickson, College of DuPage Student
  • Handloom Textiles - Julie Bawn, College of DuPage International Student
  • SiteInnovator - Kenneth Voytell, College of DuPage Student
  • Mary Kay - Rahkiya Oriedo, College of DuPage Student

2020 Maker Market Introduction by Professor Peter James

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The business owners are current College of DuPage students, and alumni. Some of the businesses are already selling their products and services, while others are testing the waters and gauging interest. No matter where they are in their entrepreneurial journey we are excited to introduce you to some of the 2020 Maker Market Businesses!

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What is a Maker Market?

The Maker Market is a place to sell and share your product, service or idea with other entrepreneurs, students, staff and the community. Sounds interesting...still not sure yet? Check out the great photos, videos and what former participants had to say about the Maker Market.

Maker Market FAQ

  • "Thank you so much for giving us this amazing opportunity to learn!!."
  • "Thank you so very much for the opportunity to test the market for profitability and interest. I'm excited to complete a website and reinvest the money I earned into my business. Thanks again!
  • "Do it!"

2019 Maker Market

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