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Start at COD and Then Transfer

Why should I take accounting?

Many successful businessmen and women attribute at least part of their success to an understanding of accounting, "the language of business." Accordingly, business schools at baccalaureate institutions require their students to complete a full year of accounting.

View our Suggested Course Sequence for your first semester at COD.

Generally, all transfer students planning careers in accounting, finance, human relations, marketing, management or sales should take Financial Accounting (ACCOU 1140) and Managerial Accounting (ACCOU 1150) at College of DuPage before transferring to a baccalaureate business program. Both classes transfer to and will generally meet the accounting prerequisites for acceptance into the colleges of business at both public and private four-year institutions in Illinois.

If you plan to transfer to a four-year institution that is out-of-state, you should check with an advisor at that institution. Typically, you will need the catalog course descriptions for Financial Accounting (ACCOU 1140) and Managerial Accounting (ACCOU 1150). Some out-of-state four-year institutions may also require a syllabus before approval is granted to transfer one or both of these courses to that institution.  

Even if you do not plan a career in accounting or business, we still recommend that you take Financial Accounting (ACCOU 1140). Not only does it provide a contemporary life skill, it may be one of the most important courses that you take! Everyone uses accounting information to make decisions. Become a better decision maker.

How do I get started?

For most prospective students, applying for admission to the college's credit programs is an easy 2-step process. 

How do I contact an accounting advisor?

Some students know exactly what they want from higher education. Others want time to explore and get a feel for college life. In either case, College of DuPage has the staff and faculty that can help guide you to a program of study that best fits your needs.

New Student Advising
Probably the most important step that you should take before starting is to meet with a counselor, who will help you choose the classes that you will take during your first term. 

Advising for Students Majoring in Accounting
If you already know that you want to major in accounting, you should meet with one of our full-time accounting faculty members to discuss your options and educational plans, which may include one of our two degree programs designed to help students meet their career goals:

An Associate in Arts degree with an emphasis in accounting from College of DuPage starts students on the road to becoming professional accountants by providing the first two years of college coursework. Career opportunities for professional accountants include public accountant, auditor, tax specialist, management consultant, Internal Revenue Service agent, financial analyst, credit analyst, cost accountant and budget analyst. Job opportunities exist in public accounting firms, manufacturing companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, service organizations, and not-for-profit and governmental entities. After completing their initial program of study at COD, many students transfer to a four-year institution and earn a bachelor's degree in accounting. 

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