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CPA Exam

Information for CPA Exam Candidates

The CPA designation opens doors to diverse careers, providing individuals with the flexibility to accomplish just about anything in the business world. The following information is provided to help students chart their path toward the coveted title of "Certified Public Accountant." 

Guidelines for CPA Exam Candidates Meeting the New Educational Requirements

Uniform CPA Examination Candidate Digital Brochure

The digital brochure provides basic information about the computerized CPA examination, effective April 2004. This document helps candidates understand changes in the examination and provides guidance on the overall CPA examination process: applying to take the exam, scheduling and taking exam sections and receiving grades.


Up-to-date Information about the Computerized CPA Exam

The best place to find up-to-date information on the CPA exam (general exam information, content specifications for the various sections of the computerized exam, examples of exam questions, etc.) is the AICPA website

State Board of Accountancy Requirements

The educational requirements vary depending upon the state in which a student plans to apply to sit for the exam. Links to State Board Requirements may be found by clicking on the link below. This page includes a link to an interactive map on NASBA's website that contains CPA licensure requirements for each of the 54 U.S. jurisdictions. NASBA will continue to update this information as it become available.

Illinois CPA Exam Education Requirements

Access information on the requirements for candidates for the Illinois CPA Exam by clicking on the following links:

Review the course requirements to take the Illinois CPA Exam that are available at College of DuPage at:

View a grid comparing each part of the CPA exam to qualifying accounting and business courses at College of DuPage at:


Additional Certification Ethics Exam Requirement in Illinois

Effective January 1, 2005, Illinois candidates are also required to pass a separate ethics exam on the rules of professional conduct before they will be certified by the Illinois Board of Examiners as CPAs. This requirement must be fulfilled by completing the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct Self-Study Course. Access information about the AICPA course at:


International Candidates

Students who have attended educational institutions outside of the United States need their transcripts evaluated. For more information, visit: The International Information section of the Illinois Board of Examiners website.

Tutorial and Practice Test

CPA Review

An extensive amount of information is covered on the exam. A review course is recommended to help you prepare for the exam.


Additional Web Sites

The following websites provide additional information as you prepare to become a Certified Public Accountant.


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