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Accounting Courses By Term and Format

Accounting courses are offered in-person or in hybrid and online formats. Honors courses are also available.

Delivery Mode Descriptions

Hybrid Courses

The Accounting program now offers new and convenient alternatives to the traditional classroom. Although specifically designed to help CPA Exam candidates accelerate their course of study, these five new hybrid (or blended) classes are open to all students.

Hybrid courses provide a flexible alternative to the traditional classroom with reduced classroom seat time, these classes meet over 8, 12 or 16 weeks. Visit MyACCESS for more information. Hybrid courses require a significant amount of outside independent study.

Online Courses

Online courses offer independent study and flexible learning. Find an accounting course

Courses by Term and Format

Class Fall Term Spring Term Summer Term
Classroom or Online Classroom Online Classroom Online Classroom Online
ACCOU-1110 Accounting Procedures X   X X X  
ACCOU-1175 QuickBooks
X   X X X  
ACCOU-1160 Payroll X   X      
ACCOU-2140 Financial Accounting X X X X X X
ACCOU-2150 Managerial Accounting X X X X X X
ACCOU-2150 Managerial Accounting X X X X X X
ACCOU-2200 Income Tax Prep     X      
ACCOU-2205 Federal Tax I X X X X   X
ACCOU-2206 Federal Tax II   X X X   X
ACCOU-2241 Intermediate Accounting I X X X X   X
ACCOU-2242 Intermediate Accounting II X X X X    
ACCOU-2251 Cost Accounting X X X     X
ACCOU-2260 Advanced Accounting     X      
ACCOU-2265 Governmental Accounting & Not for Profit   X   X   X
ACCOU-2271 Audit I   X   X   X
ACCOU-2272 Audit II   X   X   X
ACCOU-2280 Forensic Accounting & Fraud   X   X   X
ACCOU-2290 Accounting Research   X   X   X