Non-Traditional Careers

A Non-Traditional Career is defined as a career that has 25 percent or less of a certain gender represented in that field.


Benefits of Nontraditional Careers:


You're going to spend the next 30 years working, shouldn't you do something that you will enjoy. Find a job that will use our interests and skills.


Society is changing, and there is a large push for equality among men and women. Help get rid of the sayings, "that's a man's job", or "that's a woman's job".


With the push for equality, men and women in these types of roles often get promoted quicker because there is a high demand at all entry levels.

Higher Pay

Many nontraditional careers have higher salaries and better benefits compared to other occupations that require the same level of education


There are scholarships available for specific genders in these types of career paths to help promote the fields.