Final Grading - Dual Credit Instructions

When do I input Final Grades?

  • Once your midterm verification has been submitted the class status for Final Grading will become “Ready”.
  • The end date of your class can be found in myACCESS on the Midterm Verification/Final Grading screen.
  • The deadline for Final Grade submission is 3 business days from the class section end date listed in myACCESS
    • Business days for Fall & Spring Semesters are Monday through Friday.
    • Business days for Summer Semester are Monday through Thursday. 

How do I input Final Grades?

  • Enter a valid Final Grade for each student. Valid grades for dual credit courses are A, B, C, D and F.
  • Enter a Last Date of Attendance for all students graded F and W using the mm/dd/ccyy format or click the box Never Attended.

How do I grade Withdrawn Students?

  • Do not enter a grade for withdrawn students. A grade of W will be assigned automatically based on the date of the student’s withdrawal.
  • Enter a Last Date of Attendance in mm/dd/ccyy format or click the box Never Attended.

What is the “Registration Status” column?

  • This shows the student’s current registration status in the class.
    • N = New, registered before class began
    • A = Add, registered after class began
    • RT = Repeat, student is repeating the course beyond the number of times credit may be granted.
    • PI = Prerequisite indicated, instructor provided permit for student to register.
    • BY = Bypass, student has satisfied the prerequisite but due to system issues was unable to register normally.
    • NP = Non Attendance, student was coded through the midterm verification process that he/she was not actively attending the course. However, the student remains enrolled in the course.
    • D or D5 = student withdrew from the course after it began
    • WA = student was withdrawn from the course by the instructor due to non-pursuit of course objectives.
  • Students who dropped the course before it began, or were dropped for non-payment will not appear on your roster or grading screens.


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