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Placement Test Review

Math Placement Test Information Sessions

In addition to the math placement test information at and the below resources, the Learning Commons offers free Placement Test Information Sessions to help COD students prepare for testing.

Math Resources

ALEKS Prep and Learn

After taking Test 1, use the ALEKS Prep and Learning system to review math skills for your next test. To access ALEKS Prep and Learning, log-in to and click the link in the Math Placement Test section in the middle of the page. The Learning Commons offers one-on-one support for students reviewing math with this system as well as free workshops, in-person and online

The ALEKS Geometry Placement Test has a built-in review called the Prep and Learning Module which can be accessed after taking test 1. The Learning Commons also offers in-person and online geometry review workshops each semester. In addition, a DIY Geometry Review is available on the Math Assistance Area website.

ELA and ELS KITE Placement Test Resources

KITE Part 1

Part 1 Practice Test: Using the Google Chrome browser, copy and paste the following link:

KITE Part 2

Part 2 Practice Test: Using the Google Chrome browser, copy and paste the following link:

For additional preparation assistance, schedule an appointment with a Writing, Reading, Speech Assistance (WRSA) coach. Students are limited to eight appointments with a WRSA coach to review for the KITE Part 1 placement test and eight appointments for the KITE Part 2 placement test.

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