What is the Honors Program?

The Honors Program is a vibrant intellectual community of students and faculty dedicated to academic excellence. The program offers classes, research opportunities, and fun activities that enrich the learning experience in a friendly environment. 

Am I eligible for the Honors Program?

To take an Honors course, a student must complete eight (8) hours or more of college-level coursework and earn a cumulative GPA of 3.2/4.0 or higher. Students who have not completed eight (8) hours of college-level coursework must meet one of the following criteria: high school cumulative GPA of 3.5/4.0 or a composite SAT score of 1200 or a composite ACT score of 25.   

How do I get involved with the Honors Program?

Take an Honors class. Once you register and meet the cumulative GPA requirements, you should automatically be able to enroll in Honors sections. If you can't enroll, you will need to contact someone to check your eligibility.

  • If you are a new COD student: contact the Office of Admissions and Outreach, Students Services Center, SSC 2207, (630) 942-2626.
  • If you are a current COD student: contact the Counseling and Advising Center, Students Services Center, SSC 3200, (630) 942-2259. 

How do I maintain good standing in the Honors Program?

Honors students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale. If your cumulative GPA falls below 3.2 at the end of any term, your Honors eligibility will be temporarily suspended. It can be reactivated once your cumulative GPA again reaches the required minimum of 3.2. 

How do I achieve the Honors Scholar Designation?

All Honors sections look great on a transcript, but for students who fulfill the following requirements, a special Honors Scholar designation will be put on the transcript at graduation. For this, you must:

  • Complete 18 credits of Honors course work, or 15 credits including an Honors Seminar
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher
  • Graduate with a COD degree or certificate

College of DuPage recognizes graduating Honors Scholars every spring at the Celebration of Academic Excellence. At this ceremony, we also congratulate students who completed the Presidential, Board of Trustees or Deans Scholarships, as well as the recipients of post-COD honors transfer scholarships. In order to participate in the Celebration, it is important that you petition to graduate by the college's deadline (usually in March) so we can compile our list.
*Note: Honors Humanities 2210 Leadership Development was offered for seminar credit until Spring 2017.

College of DuPage Honors Program Mission Statement

The College of DuPage Honors Program is a learning community committed to excellence by cultivating students' critical thinking and ethical responsibility, empowering them to become intellectually engaged and globally aware citizens.

COD Hosts Annual Celebration of Academic Excellence 2017

College of DuPage Hosts Annual Celebration of Academic Excellence 2017

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Contact Information

Honors Program Office
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 3420, (630) 942-3318

Student Spotlight

  • Spotlight: Cullen Dobbs

    Cullen DobbsCriminal Justice

    “College of DuPage has been extremely influential when it came to my career foundation and path that has been set out. If not for COD and the opportunities I gained by coming to this school, I wouldn’t be attending Georgetown today. I never thought myself capable of such an accomplishment. I will do my best to make sure these opportunities do not go in vain.”

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  • Spotlight: Gabbi Gruver

    Gabbi GruverAssociate in Arts

    "COD helped me meet my personal goals through a variety of opportunities, such as being part of the Living Leadership Program, becoming a New Student Orientation leader, and being involved with Phi Theta Kappa, the COD Percussion Ensemble, the Community Band, and the Forensics team. Everything helped me grow as a person and I learned how to become an effective leader.”

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  • Spotlight: Tiffany Montgomery

    Tiffany MontgomeryEngineering

    “Having professors who care about quality teaching and how I did in the class is very motivating. I plan to continue working with robotics as a software, computer or electrical engineer, but I can also see myself focused on any sort of embedded systems programming."

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  • Spotlight: Stephanie Przybyla

    Stephanie PrzybylaAccounting

    “COD helped me tremendously as I moved toward my educational and career goals. For students considering COD, I would tell them they won’t regret it. COD has just as many opportunities, clubs, wonderful faculty and study abroad trips as other four-year universities. It is extremely economical and gives students the time and opportunities to explore career options.”

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Faculty Spotlight

  • Spotlight: Michelle Moore

    Michelle MooreEnglish

    "Teaching allows me to expose others to new ideas, art and ways of thinking, which brings me a lot of joy. I want my students to see how ideas fit together and to create new ideas, while evaluating and rethinking the old ones. Ultimately, they will learn the value of this kind of education when they succeed in transferring well or obtain meaningful careers instead of jobs at a much higher level than they could have originally dreamed."

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  • Spotlight: Lauren Morgan

    Lauren MorganSpeech

    "I hope my students take away improved competence as communicators, a better understanding of human-ness (if that's a word) and, most of all, a love of learning."

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  • Spotlight: Jim Allen

    Jim AllenEnglish

    "What I took away from those mentors was the importance of the teacher-student interaction," Jim Allen said. "Those are the people who stick out in my mind because of the support that they gave me. I probably remember a quarter of what the music teacher taught me, but the impact he had was far more reaching."

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  • Spotlight: Richard Jarman

    Richard JarmanChemistry

    "I never thought I had the right personality to be a teacher, but I found there to be a similarity between acting, which I enjoy, and teaching – as if your class is the scene partner," Richard Jarman explained. "Beyond that, there is no finer reward than to contribute a little to the success of others and share in their glory."

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  • Spotlight: Joel Quam

    Joel QuamGeography

    "I like the way that geography allows me to take a multifaceted view of people and places. Given my interest in area studies, in particular my interest in Russia, this broad approach to understanding places is very useful."

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  • Spotlight: Lisa Higgins

    Lisa HigginsEnglish

    "I want students to have the confidence that comes from knowing that whatever life throws at you, your abilities, skills and knowledge will help you survive — and thrive — in this world," Lis Higgins explained.

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