Keep Calm and Join Honors

Keep Calm and Join Honors!

Do you have a minimum 3.2 GPA (3.5 GPA if entering from high school)? Then you should join the Honors community--it's super easy! Work with COD's best professors and engage in lively discussions. Fulfill general education requirements for any degree and perhaps get a scholarship when you transfer! For more information, contact an academic counselor or email honorsprogram@cod.edu.

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Watch this short video featuring Helen Feng, Professor of History and Director of the Honors Program, and Chappie, COD mascot, as they discuss important information about the Honors Program.  For additional information be sure to check out the  Frequently Asked Questions page. 



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College of DuPage Honors Program Mission Statement

The College of DuPage Honors Program is a learning community committed to excellence by cultivating students' critical thinking and ethical responsibility, empowering them to become intellectually engaged and globally aware citizens.



Contact Information

Honors Program Office
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 3533, (630) 942-3318

Student Spotlight

  • Jamie-Leigh Danemayer

    Jamie-Leigh DanemayerAssociate in Science

    “You could pay $60,000 to live a couple hours away from your families, learn to worship Greek life as a historical idol, and overeat on a daily basis. Or you can come to COD and actually pay for the classes rather than the unhealthy, anxiety-inducing ‘college experience.’”

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  • Joe Stahl

    Joe StahlEngineering

    "The purpose of a college isn’t just to provide education to those who have resources, but to provide resources to those who want an education. No matter who you are or what your dreams, COD has something to offer.”

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  • Cody Castle

    Cody CastleChemistry

    “I have found professors who really have a niche in research and their fields. They have inspired and challenged me to make the same of myself both inside and outside the classroom."

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  • Jason Chau

    Jason ChauNursing

    “I wasn’t willing to be in debt for several years just to get the same degree from somewhere else. I also really wanted to attend a local school and eventually I saw COD as a perfect fit.”

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  • Iman Khan

    Iman KhanGraphic Design

    "It's not a walk in the park, which is wonderful for breaking the stereotypes of community colleges everywhere."

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  • Akvile Kiskis

    Akvile KiskisComputer and Internetworking Technologies

    “What’s great is that many of our professors have worked at four-year universities, so they teach at that level.”

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  • Melissa Metzger

    Melissa MetzgerCriminal Justice

    “This is a great school with many, many resources. Take advantage of all of them and get to know the students and the staff."

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Faculty Spotlight

  • Michelle Moore

    Michelle MooreEnglish

    "Teaching allows me to expose others to new ideas, art and ways of thinking, which brings me a lot of joy. I want my students to see how ideas fit together and to create new ideas, while evaluating and rethinking the old ones. Ultimately, they will learn the value of this kind of education when they succeed in transferring well or obtain meaningful careers instead of jobs at a much higher level than they could have originally dreamed."

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  • Lauren Morgan

    Lauren MorganSpeech

    "I hope my students take away improved competence as communicators, a better understanding of human-ness (if that's a word) and, most of all, a love of learning."

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  • Jim Allen

    Jim AllenEnglish

    "What I took away from those mentors was the importance of the teacher-student interaction," Jim Allen said. "Those are the people who stick out in my mind because of the support that they gave me. I probably remember a quarter of what the music teacher taught me, but the impact he had was far more reaching."

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  • Richard Jarman

    Richard JarmanChemistry

    "I never thought I had the right personality to be a teacher, but I found there to be a similarity between acting, which I enjoy, and teaching – as if your class is the scene partner," Richard Jarman explained. "Beyond that, there is no finer reward than to contribute a little to the success of others and share in their glory."

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  • Joel Quam

    Joel QuamGeography

    "I like the way that geography allows me to take a multifaceted view of people and places. Given my interest in area studies, in particular my interest in Russia, this broad approach to understanding places is very useful."

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  • Lisa Higgins

    Lisa HigginsEnglish

    "I want students to have the confidence that comes from knowing that whatever life throws at you, your abilities, skills and knowledge will help you survive — and thrive — in this world," Lis Higgins explained.

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  • Eva Maria Räpple

    Eva Maria RäpplePhilosophy / Religious Studies

    "Having lived in different countries throughout my life, I have always been fascinated with the diversity of ideas, patterns of thought, beliefs and values in this world," Eva Maria Räpple said. "Simultaneously, I gained an awareness of the need to examine those contexts critically."

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