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Liberal Arts Division

English Language Studies

ELS includes studies in English Composition, Developmental Reading and Writing, Creative Writing, Technical and Professional Writing, Linguistics, Literature and Film. These disciplines provide an educational framework within which students develop their abilities to think critically and to express themselves clearly, effectively and creatively to different audiences. Many of the courses in ELS satisfy general education requirements for graduation and can be transferred to other institutions. Many courses also feature enriched learning experiences for students, including service learning projects, experiential learning and field-based research, peer mentoring opportunities, and extended learning communities.


Humanities includes subject areas that address the question of what it means to be human. Subject areas in the Humanities include History, Humanities, Languages, Philosophy and Religious Studies. The study of Humanities frees students to think beyond personal and cultural boundaries and to consider informed actions that have constructive outcomes for the future. Many of the courses in Humanities satisfy the general education requirements for graduation and can be transferred to other institutions.


American Sign Language Interpreting

The American Sign Language Interpreting (ASLI) program at College of DuPage provides rich opportunities to learn American Sign Language from native ASL signers and certified interpreters. Learn more about ASLI


The Liberal Arts faculty are noted for their excellence in the classroom, and many have published books and presented or performed at national events and conferences. The quality of students' work is a testament to the faculty's talents and commitment to fine teaching.

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