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Youth Academy

Learn how to maximize your potential by taking advantage of the many youth offerings at College of DuPage. It's never too early to develop an appreciation of lifelong learning.

Youth courses will take place virtually during the Summer 2021 semester. Information on potential in-person class options will be updated on Youth Academy webpages when available. Share your contact information here to receive program updates via email.

The Summer 2021 Youth Schedule of Classes is now available and registration is open!

Online Opportunities

All online courses require access to a reliable internet connection, a personal computer, webcam, and microphone. Registered students are required to submit online waivers for program.

Please be advised: registration closes one week prior to the start of online courses. All students must have a completed copy of the Youth Academy Online Waiver on file at least 2 business days prior to the start of class. Completed forms should be emailed to

Click on the "+" sign next to each grade level below to see specific program details.

Summer 2021

Summer courses will be offered virtually. A sample of Elementary Enrichment courses is listed below. Check out pages 6 to 9 of the Summer 2021 Schedule of Classes for additional details and the full list of programs for students entering grades 1 to 5 next fall.


Research shows that yoga can improve physical and mental health, and, best of all, children report that they love participating in this non-competitive physical activity that can be practiced almost anywhere without the need for expensive equipment. Breathe, focus and relax in this fun and active yoga class. A yoga mat is recommended, not required. Instructor: Kelly McFadden

Grades 3 to 5
Monday, June 7 to Aug. 2
11 a.m. to noon (no class July 5)
YEEL-0002-101, $99

Drawing with Colored Pencils and Pastels

Gain an introduction to drawing using colored pencils or pastel chalk. Experiment with light and dark color combinations to create depth, highlights and contrast to bring your images to life! Practice drawing objects, animals and backgrounds, then put everything together to make a composition piece. Students need blank paper to draw on, colored pencils and/or pastel chalks, and a large enough flat surface to work on during class. Instructor: Matthew Grider

Grades 3 to 5
Monday to Thursday, June 14 to 17
9 to 11 a.m.
YEEL-0002-104, $99

Grades 1 and 2
Monday to Thursday, June 21 to 24
9 to 11 a.m.
YEEL-0003-101, $99

Creative Writing

Experience the joy of writing in this course designed to explore techniques, unleash creativity, and put you in the habit of writing! Instructor: Jennifer O’Donnell

Grades 3 to 5
Monday to Thursday, June 21 to 24
1 to 3 p.m.
YEEL-0001-105, $99

Introduction to Baking

Join this interactive online cooking experience
in your very own kitchen! Must have a parent or guardian present to assist. Learn to bake a new recipe each day. Recipes include Mini Cheesecakes, Brownie Pizza, Blueberry Muffins with Crumb Topping and French Silk Pie! Registration for this course closes on Monday, June 7. A grocery and equipment list will be emailed prior to the start of class. Instructor: Kara Tegmeyer

Grades 3 to 5
Monday to Thursday, June 21 to 24
4 to 6 p.m.
YEEL-0002-105, $99

5th Grade Book Club

Join this virtual book club for students entering fifth grade in fall 2021. Read together the novel Wild Robot by Peter Brown and participate in daily discussions about the book’s plot, characters, themes and style. Students must have access to either a print or digital version of the novel. Instructor: Christopher Prenger

Grade 5
Monday to Thursday, July 12 to 22
9 to 10 a.m.
YEEL-0001-110, $99

String Art: Math + Art

Create your own string art design while exploring math concepts of symmetry, polygons, measurement and estimation. Then learn how to complete your project to display in your home. Students need a lacing needle, a pack of embroidery thread and some cardboard. Instructor: Ayesha Ahmed

Grades 3 to 5
Monday to Thursday, July 12 to 15
10 to 11 a.m.
YEEL-0001-109, $49

1st Grade Reading Review

For students who completed first grade during spring 2021, this refresher course helps strengthen their skills specifically related to phonics and reading comprehension, and helps set up students for success when entering second grade in the fall. Instructor: Kelly Bachewicz

Grade 2
Monday to Thursday, July 12 to 22
1 to 2:30 p.m.
YEEL-0003-102, $149

CS First Coding

Coding made easy through Scratch and CS First, Google’s free coding program. Students learn to code to tell stories, enhance presentations, create music and sounds, and create a new Google logo. Instructor: Kelly Kuenstler

Grades 3 to 5
Monday to Thursday, July 26 to 29
1 to 3 p.m.
YEEL-0002-108, $99

Register online today by visiting or call (630) 942-2208.

Summer 2021

Summer courses will be offered virtually. A sample of Middle School Enrichment courses is listed below. Check out pages 10 to 13 of the Summer 2021 Schedule of Classes for additional details and the full list of programs for students entering grades 6 to 8 next fall.

Study Strategies

Put organization into your learning by improving your study habits. Develop skills in listening, following directions, planning, prioritizing and test taking. Topics include taking notes, time management, test preparation and motivation. Instructor: Renee Brennan

Monday to Thursday, June 14 to 17
10 to 11 a.m.
YEMS-0001-103, $49

Life Skills

Learn about important life skills including cooking and first aid, cleaning and laundry, money management and cyber safety. Through a combination of activities and discussion, explore a different topic each day and discover new ways to safely be more independent at home. Instructor: Dana Prendergast

Monday to Thursday, June 21 to 24
10 to 11 a.m.
YEMS-0002-104, $49

Dungeons & Dragons

Join us on a quest for adventure and monster destruction. Use your imagination, create your own character, work as a team and develop group problem solving skills as you attempt to complete a quest
led by the Dungeon Master, Mr. Morty. A Dungeons & Dragons 7-Die Dice Set is recommended, not required. Instructor: Richard Morton

Monday to Thursday, June 21 to 24
Noon to 1:30 p.m.
YEMS-0002-107, $74

Monday to Thursday, Aug. 2 to 5
3 to 4:30 p.m.
YEMS-0002-102, $74

Trivia Fun

Expand your love of trivia and knowledge while developing and playing trivia games with other trivia-enthusiasts. The Quizmaster presents fun trivia experiences to help you succeed in Scholastic Bowl, or just have fun with your favorite topics. Whether it is Science, Pop Culture and Music, or Harry Potter—the options are endless! Students choose the topics and the Quizmaster hosts games in friendly competition. Instructor: Jason Kruski

Monday to Thursday, June 21 to 24
12 to 2 p.m.
YEMS-0002-105, $99

Literary Analysis and Writing Skills

Learn how to critically and logically analyze literary works through reading, writing and discussion while improving essay writing and reading comprehension. Discussion topics include building background, annotating skills, plot diagram analysis, author’s purpose, academic vocabulary and more. Students read Animal Farm by George Orwell during this course, and must have access to either a print or digital version of the novel. Instructor: Jacqueline Reid

Monday to Thursday, July 6 to 29
12:30 to 2:30 p.m.
YEMS-0001-107, $299

Introducing Linear Equations

Linear equations don’t have to be scary! Join this course to learn about linear equations and build confidence in working with rate of change, initial value, solving and graphing. Learn the parts of an equation written in y=mx+b form and how to write an equation when given two points, or a point and the slope. Instructor: Charles Roberson

Monday to Thursday, July 12 to 15
1 to 2:30 p.m.
YEMS-0001-108, $74

Major World Religions

We are a multi-religious community, but what does each religion believe? Learn about five of the major world religions’ beliefs and core practices. This course introduces the primary texts of each religion and includes an overview of history and thought practices of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Class discussions including personal experiences are encouraged.
Instructor: Brittany Baurle

Monday to Thursday, July 26 to 29
3 to 5 p.m.
YEMS-0001-114, $99

Rock and Hip Hop History

Learn the history of two music genre giants. From David Bowie to Grandmaster Flash, each day focuses on different artists and the groundbreaking contributions that they left on our human psyches. Instructor: Richard Morton

Monday to Thursday, Aug. 2 to 5
Noon to 2 p.m.
YEMS-0002-113, $99

Register online today by visiting or call (630) 942-2208.

The Junior High Achievers program reinforces the academic performance of motivated seventh and eighth graders in non-credit high school coursework. COD does not offer high school credit or final letter grades for programs.

All courses are taught by Illinois State Board of Education, High School certified instructors that possess up-to-date Illinois Professional Licensure. Visit our website at to review additional program dates.  

JHA Geometry Overview

This course is an overview of High School geometry and is designed to strengthen students’ skills and attitudes toward quantitative reasoning. Topics that may be covered include: coordinate geometry, measurement, inductive and deductive reasoning, parallel line relationships, congruent triangles, quadrilaterals, proportions related to similarity, right triangle relationships, circles and their related angles and segments, area the formula for planar figures, surface area, and volume formulas for solids, and equations and graphs of lines. (Topics will be decided on the first day of class to meet all student interests). Classes are non-credit and not eligible for High School credit, this class will produce a final letter grade emailed to parents on a grade sheet. We are holding students to the same standards of our summer High School attendance (no more than 2 absences) to gain the full benefits of the class.

Supplies required: Graph paper and protractor. No textbook.No class Friday, Aug. 6.

Online Waiver must be submitted to

Monday to Friday, July 12 to Aug. 5
12  to 1:30 p.m.
YEHSC-0005-090, $349 

Register online today by visiting

Get started on your summer planning and explore our summer High School Credit classes. The summer program is an extension of the regular academic school year, designed to provide students with opportunities to gain academic credit or to explore interests by auditing a class.

Review additional High School Offerings, policies and procedures as well as the Indian Prairie School District 204 details at

High School credit classes require participation in the mandatory orientation session which will serve as your guide to the 2021 Summer High School Program policies and procedures. 

Orientation Session can be accessed here.

After you review our orientation session, please ensure you submit the required forms as highlighted below for our online High School credit sections.

Grade Release Form

Online Waiver

Click on this link to review our online High School offerings.

Chemistry Spotlight: Math Components

This Chemistry Spotlight will review and introduce the math heavy components of chemistry. Instructor will review the concept and give examples the first hour of class. Instructor and students will work through problems together during the second hour. No homework assigned but problems will be available for independent study. No grade or credit given. Topics include: Atomic Structure, Gas Laws, e-configuration, stoichiometry and others typically covered in both first and second semester in a standard high school course. Registration closes one week prior to the start of online courses. Online Waiver will be emailed to students and completed forms should be submitted to youthacademy@cod edu.

Monday to Friday, July 19 to 23
2 to 4 p.m.
YEHSC-0006-100, $199
Virtual Classroom (online waiver required)

Common App Essay Workshop

Get help with your college applications and scholarships by creating a working draft of your Common App essay in this writing workshop. This essay can also be a part of any scholarship application. This class addresses this year’s prompts, develop a draft, and begin the editing process in a comfortable, supportive setting. Work one-on-one with the instructor and with your peers to create this important personal essay. Leave the class with a working draft that is ready for a final review by a parent, teacher or counselor. Time permitting, we may also workshop their supplement essays. Students are encouraged to bring a rough draft or outline of ideas to class.

Monday and Wednesday, Aug. 2 and 4
6 to 8 p.m.
YEHSC-0004-304, $119
Virtual Classroom (online waiver required)

Understanding and Building your Credit Score

Get an early start on avoiding debt before college! Students learn the importance of taking out loans, selecting the best credit card and the pros and cons of using credit cards. Participants will understand how interest works, and conduct research on different credit cards in order to understand the fees and terms associated with having a credit card. Students will gain a deeper understanding of credit scores and how credit scores affect their life, as well as the cost associated with debt.

Monday and Wednesday, Aug. 2 and 4
6 to 8 p.m.
YEHSC-0004-002, $119
Virtual Classroom (Online Wavier required for program

Stock Market 101

Take this crash course to understand and analyze stocks. Learn risks and benefits when selecting a stock. Delve deep into portfolio diversification.

Monday to Wednesday, Aug. 9 to 11
1 to 4 p.m.
YEHSC-0004-003, $119
Virtual Classroom (Online Wavier required for program)  

Register today through myACCESS! 

Teens can prepare for the ACT or SAT exam in a way that best suits individual needs. Students who have already participated in a test preparation class and are interested in honing in on specific subject areas of their choosing can benefit from one-on-one instruction. Textbooks are included in the tutoring fee.

Four hours—$325
Six hours—$399

All interested community members must submit tutor requests by clicking on this link. Inquiries are given to the program coordinator to reach out to our pool of tutors with the information on the student's availability and area of focus. Review additional areas of tutoring support below and note individuals will be contacted by a tutor within 5 business days for a consultation on tutoring needs.

The consultation with the tutor is your chance to explain your needs and determine if the tutor is a good fit with knowledge, personality, and availability. If interested participants determine the tutor aligns with their expectations, please set-up a tentative schedule and confirm your interest with the tutor. Tutoring sessions cannot begin until after registration is completed.

Review our tutoring website for additional opportunities at

SAT Comprehensive Test Preparation

Review math, reading and English usage in preparation for the SAT exam. Students become familiar with SAT questions, develop test-taking strategies, increase confidence and speed, and get a review of test content. Students must bring writing utensil, calculator and paper for the course. No textbook.

Monday to Friday, July 26 to 30
9 a.m. to noon YEHSC 0004-115, $199
Virtual Classroom (online waiver required) 

ACT Comprehensive Test Preparation

Review math, science reasoning, reading and English usage in preparation for the ACT exam. The course includes an introduction to the ACT writing section. Students become familiar with ACT questions, develop test-taking strategies, increase confidence and speed, and get a review of test content. No textbook.

Monday to Friday, July 26 to 30
1 to 4 p.m.
YEHSC 0004-114, $199
Virtual Classroom (online waiver required) 

PSAT/NMSQT Test Preparation

If you have your sights set on a college scholarship or early admission, take this class to prepare for the PSAT. Cover comprehensive math and verbal material and practice the skills needed to excel on standardized achievements tests. No textbook. Students must bring writing utensil, calculator and paper for the course. No textbook.

Monday to Friday, Aug. 2 to 6
1 to 4 p.m.
YEHSC-0004-112, $199
Virtual Classroom (online waiver required) 

The College of DuPage Youth Academy provided free youth activity content during Summer 2020. Check out the links below!

Video Archive

June 1 - Kids in the Kitchen: Fruit Kabobs

June 2 - Math-E-Magic: Circles

June 3 - Yogic Math

June 4 - Kids in the Kitchen: Veggie Omelet

June 8 - Kids in the Kitchen: English Muffin Pizzas

June 9 - Logic Puzzles: Elimination

June 10 - ACT & SAT Readiness

June 11 - Kids in the Kitchen: Banana Bread

June 15 - Caring For Your Pets

June 16 - Simple Meme Creation

June 17 - ACT & SAT Test Prep Tips: English Section

June 18 - Kids in the Kitchen: Pancakes

June 22 - Kids in the Kitchen: Easy Bean Burrito 

June 23 - Math-E-Magic: Looping Numbers

June 24 - ACT & SAT Test Prep: Reading Section

June 25 - Kids in the Kitchen: Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

June 29 - Kids in the Kitchen: Rice Krispie Mug Treat

June 30- Amusement Park Physics

July 1- ACT & SAT Test Prep Tips: Math Section

July 2- Kids in the Kitchen: Baked Chicken Tenders

July 6 - All About Animals: Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats 

July 7 - Logic Puzzles: Rebus Puzzles

July 8 - ACT Test Prep Tips: Science Section

July 9 - Kids in the Kitchen: Guacamole

July 13 - Kids in the Kitchen: Confetti Popcorn

July 14 - Math- E- Magic: Consecutive Numbers

July 15 - Act & Test Prep Tips: Essay Section

July 16 - Kids in the Kitchen: Fruit Salad

July 20 - Kids in the Kitchen: Berry Dip

July 21 - Logic Puzzles: Sudoku

July 22- High School Success : Time Management

July 23 - Kids in the Kitchen: Quesadilla 

July 27 - All About Animals : My Dog Does What?

July 28 - Math-E-Magic: The Calculator Argument

July 29 - Test Prep Series: Cornell Note-Taking 

July 30 - Kids in the Kitchen: Cake in a Mug

Aug. 3 - Kids in the Kitchen: Quick Energy Trail Mix

Aug. 4 -  Reading Comprehension: Fix the Fuzziness

Aug. 5 - ACT/SAT Best Practices

Aug. 6 - Kids in the Kitchen: Banana Berry Nice Cream




Young students in kitchen

Youth Academy students exploring culinary arts in our Culinary Center.

Students posing in front of a bus

Explorers Day Camp field trip.

Students soldering

Youth Academy students soldering as part of our manufacturing camp.

Students using a microscope

Youth Academy students expanding their scientific skills while learning how to use a microscope.

Youth students practicing archery

Summer Camp fun, Youth Academy students trying they hand at archery.

Youth and High School Programs

Click on the program titles below to find more information about our summer offerings for students in Kindergarten through High School.

Youth Enrichment: Academic and enrichment classes for students in elementary and middle school. Explore exciting STEM topics or gain additional practice in school subjects.

Junior High Achievers: Students entering grades 7 and 8 are invited to explore high school curriculum among a group of peers in classes modeled after high school standards.

High School Programs: Elective and academic options throughout the year include test preparation, tutoring and our new summer refresher series.

Talent Search: Courses for academically gifted students scoring in the ninetieth percentile.

Summer Camps: Explorer Camps provide all-day fun for students entering kindergarten to grade six. Students entering grades seven to ten can participate in the Counselor Training program or Teen X-Treme Camps.

Private Music Lessons

Tutoring: Professional tutoring is available in a variety of topics including English, Math, Science and Standardized ACT and SAT Test Prep.

Merit Badges

Earn your Boy Scouts of America merit badges at College of DuPage. Camps are led by a certified merit badge counselor and different topics will be offered throughout the year. 

All Merit Badge camps are currently at full capacity. To be contacted when additional sessions are created, email the Youth Coordinator at and include the student's name, age and a phone number at which you can be reached.

In-Person Required Forms

All students registered in Youth Enrichment, Talent Search or Summer Camp in-person programs must have a completed Student Code of Conduct and Medical Release Form on file on the first day of their camp or class. Parents and guardians may bring completed copies of these required forms on the first day or complete them during sign-in. The high school programs have a separate set of required forms, find more information at

Cancellations & Refunds 

In the event of a class cancellation or student drop, College of DuPage Continuing Education will issue a refund to the name associated with the enrolled course. In order for a parent to receive the refund in their name, they will need to complete the following Parent Refund Form for Youth Academy Participants. This form needs to be completed no later than one week after the payment has been made for the course. 

Request More Information

Go to our General Information page to request more information.

Contact Information

Continuing Education
Student Resource Center (SRC), Room 1110, (630) 942-2208
Fax: (630) 942-3785

All COD facilities are closed to the public until further notice. Please call us If you have questions about a course or need assistance with registration. You can also reach us by email at at any time.