Free citizenship courses prepare adults to take the test for U.S. Citizenship. The course is based on "The 100 Questions" and includes three learning modules:

  • Procedures and History
  • Government and Constitutions
  • Customs

In addition, students will learn about procedures and processes involved in the path to U.S. Citizenship including the application and passing the interview.

All students must take a placement test and attend a short orientation/intake session prior to registration. Placement testing, orientation and registration take approximately 2½ hours. Children are not allowed in the testing room so please plan ahead.

Find a class near you. Call (630) 942-3697 for registration days and times.

Naturalization Eligibility

Please visit U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to read eligibility criteria and exceptions.

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To register or for detailed program information, call Adult Education at (630) 942-3697 or visit our office in the Student Resource Center (SRC), Room 1110. To view our complete program listing, see the Fall 2019 Continuing Education Schedule of Classes or Spring 2020 Continuing Education Schedule of Classes.

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