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Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning at College of DuPage incorporates the best of what enrichment has to offer at any age. We offer a mix of courses, workshops, seminars and lectures designed especially for adults 50 and older, in a wide variety of topic areas. A reduced senior rate applies for participants 55 and over. Come join us - new courses begin each week.

In Continuing Education, we believe that learning never stops. Find out all that Lifelong Learning has to offer!

Fall Online Course Highlights 

Icy Worlds

Ice: it’s not just the stuff you shovel off the sidewalk. Many different ices are all over our Solar System—and it’s really—ahem—cool stuff to study. We’ll investigate ices on hot planets and cold comets, moons made of a huge amount of ice, flowing and floating ice glaciers, and even... ice volcanoes. Instructor: Michelle Nichols from the Adler Planetarium.

Tuesday, Sept. 7
1 to 2:30 p.m.
HUMNT-0001-401, $29; Lifelong Learner $19

The Beatles: A Magical History Tour

Join us as we discover the Beatles’ story, their personalities and most importantly, how their music continues to influence our culture and our expectations of popular music. With the use of audio and visual content, students learn the arc of the Beatles’ career from their development in Liverpool, through Beatlemania into their psychedelic phase, and finally their dissolution. Deepen your appreciation for the Beatles’ incredible productivity, their musical and lyrical maturity and their cultural impact. Instructor: Gary Wenstrup

Wednesday, Sept 8 to Oct. 13
2 to 3:30 p.m.
HUMNT-0001-015, $129; Lifelong Learner $79 

The Sixties: A Decade in Conflict with Ourselves

In the 1960s, postwar American idealism met an onslaught of calamity and controversy: Assassinations, war and riots, civil rights, peace marches, teach-ins, and a summer of love and violence. We’ll use PBS and CNN video to discuss and try to make sense of the decade 50 years ago that still resonates today. Instructor: Joan Krawitz

Thursday, Sept. 9 to Oct. 28
1 to 3 p.m.
HUMNT-0001-028, $179; Lifelong Learner $139

Andrew Johnson:Accidental President

Abraham Lincoln would be a hard act for even the best vice-president to follow, but it is difficult to imagine a worse successor than Andrew Johnson. In many ways, he was like Lincoln: a poor boy who made good. After Lincoln died, it fell to Johnson to oversee the last few weeks of the Civil War and the beginning of Reconstruction. But Johnson ignited a new war with Congress by trying to prevent the newly freed slaves from gaining political rights. His administration reveals the wounds and deep tensions that existed in America following the Civil War. Instructor: Joyce Haworth

Monday, Sept. 20
10 a.m. to noon
HUMNT-0001-014, $29; Lifelong Learner $19 

Pioneers in Astronomy: How We Found Our Place in the Universe

The work of Aristotle, Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo and Newton showed humans that we are not the center of existence. We will meet these innovators as human beings and as scientists. We also discuss how the rules for doing science were established. Instructor: Dr. Richard Wilders

Wednesday, Sept. 22 to Oct. 13
10 a.m. to noon
HUMNT-0001-031, $119; Lifelong Learner $79

Great Speeches in American History

Throughout American history critical times have called for strong leadership and influential speech to reassure citizens, warn them of dangers to our democracy or call them into action. Among such speeches are Washington’s Farewell Address, Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address and Martin Luther King Junior’s speech at the Lincoln Memorial. During this eight-week course of study, 24 speeches are examined and analyzed within the context of the historical period in which they occurred. When possible, video is used to enhance the impact of the speech. Instructor: Kathy Mullin

Wednesday, Sept. 29 to Nov. 17
1 to 3 p.m.
HUMNT-0001-001, $179; Lifelong Learner $139 

Thursday, Sept. 30 to Nov. 18
9 to 11 a.m.
HUMNT-0001-002, $179; Lifelong Learner $139 

Early European Explorers of the Great Lakes

The Golden Age of Exploration brought European explorers and adventurers deep into North America. Learn the exploits of LaSalle, Champlain, Jolliet and others as they traveled through Native America and left their indelible mark on history. Instructor: Jack MacRae

Thursday, Oct. 7 to 28
10 a.m. to noon
HUMNT-0001-077, $119; Lifelong Learner $79

The American Revolution in our National Park System

More than 30 of our 423 National Park Service sites have a direct connection to the American Revolution. We explore the sites that tell the revolutionary story, the events and places that preceded it, the moments that shaped its direction, and battles that decided the outcome. Furthermore, we share sites revealing issues not resolved in the 1783 Treaty of Paris. Instructor: David Kroese

Thursday, Oct. 14
1 to 3 p.m.
HUMNT-0001-0017, $29; Lifelong Learning $19

The Plus 50 Program

Continuing Education has developed a series of streamlined classes designed with experiences and skills of adult learners in mind. Learn more here.

  • Career Search for Plus 50 - Sept. 27 to Oct. 25
  • Negotiation Skills for Women - Nov. 1 to 8
  • Job Search Websites - Nov. 3 to 17
  • Networking for Plus 50 - Nov. 9 to 16
  • Self-Discovery for Plus 50 - Nov. 23 to Dec. 14

Free Enrichment for Lifelong Learners

Enjoy the topics and the company! Continuing Education presents free lectures and discussions through our Sage Series and Lunch Break Lectures. Join us for an inspired selection of new topics.

Sage Series

Sessions are free. Registration is required.
For full descriptions and locations, please view the current Schedule of Classes.

  • The Story of Our Solar System - Saturday, Oct. 23
  • The Twilight Zone: Six Degrees of Separation - Friday, Nov. 12

Lunch Break Lectures

Sessions are free. Registration is required
Wednesdays from noon to 1 p.m. 

Fall Online Lecture via Zoom

  • Sept. 15 - Herbert Hoover’s National Park System with instructor David Kroese, HUMNT-0001-502
  • Sept. 29 - Before there were Rules: Celebrities in Vintage Ads with instructor Richard Wilders, HUMNT-0001-503
  • Oct. 13 - Catherine of Aragon: The Real Spanish Princess with instructor Joan Krawitz, HUMNT-0001-504
  • Oct. 27 - Simon & Garfunkel: Sound and Then Silence with instructor Gary Wenstrup, HUMNT-0001-505
  • Nov. 10 - Owls of the Chicago Area with instructor Jack MacRae, HUMNT-0001-506
  • Nov. 24 - Life on the Homefront: Women and WWII with instructor Joan Krawitz, HUMNT-0001-507


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Limited scholarship funds are available to assist Lifelong Learners who choose to participate in Continuing Education programs. If you are interested in contributing to this fund, please choose "Lifelong Learning Programs" on the College of DuPage Foundation donation page or call (630) 942-2462. 

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