Approximately 2,500 community members attended COD's fourth annual STEMCON, an all-day featuring nearly 60 booths offering activities, as well as featured speakers and demonstrations.

Fourth Annual STEMCON Draws Crowds to College of DuPage 100


Approximately 2,000 community members attended the third annual STEMCON. The event featured more than 60 booths offering interactive activities designed to inform, entertain and stimulate an interest in STEM.

COD Art Students Paint Giant Golf Ball to Celebrate Women in Golf 2018 1


An estimated 2,500 community members attended the second annual STEMCON event. The event featured more than 50 booths designed to inform, entertain and stimulate an interest in STEM, including a weather balloon launch, river system development, nanotechnology, the physics of flight and robotics. Featured speakers included Dr. Eugenia Cheng, Scientist in Residence at Chicago's School of the Art Institute and author of "How to Bake Pi," stuck bomb celebrity Andre Jefferson and Fermilab's "Mr. Freeze" Jerry Zimmerman.

Approximately 2,500 Turn Out for Second Annual STEM-CON at College of DuPage 2017

STEMCON Photo and Video Policy

Attendees and participants at COD STEMCON agree to allow College of DuPage and its official photographers and videographers to photograph them in the context of the conference. Footage captured by COD's official photographers may be used in future print and electronic promotional and archival materials. For questions or concerns, please contact us at stemcon@cod.edu.