2020 Photo Contest

photo of the Faroe Island at sunset

2020 Photo Contest Winner: The Faroe Islands: Hike Europe’s Best Kept Secret - Gasadalur and Múlafossur, Faroe Islands

"There are few places on our planet left unexplored by commercial tourism. The small Faroe Islands, a small archipelago of islands located between Norway and Iceland, are an exception. Only about 100,000 visitors make it to these islands annually. There is little automobile traffic and few people on the diverse network of trails on the 18 small islands. This picture captures the Múlafosser waterfall plunging into the North Atlantic Ocean."

In Field Studies/Study Abroad/Global Ed, we are fond of saying, “Make the world your classroom!”

Each year we do just that, sending hundreds of students around the world on amazing academic adventures. Here are some of our favorite images taken this past year, before we had to cancel many of our classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trust that we are busy planning future courses/trips to extraordinary locations around the world that we shall visit with renewed vigor and perhaps a deeper appreciation of our ability to travel, once we can do so safely.

people's muddy feet on a beach

1 Hawaii - Hawaii Soulful Journey

Woman on beach in Mexico

2 Mexico - Biking/Hiking Baja Mexico

turtle swimming

3 Hawaii - Exploring the Wonders of Hawaii the Big Island

cliff overlooking an ocean

4 Faroe Islands - Faroe Islands: Hiking Europe's Best Kept Secret

people in an art gallery

5 Chicago - Art in Chicago

Rainbow over mountain in Hawaii

6 Hawaii - Hawaii Soulful Journey

Group of people on a tour

7 Wisconsin - Fundamentals of Speech Communication

Photo of forest with green trees

8 Spain - Hiking the Camino de Santiago

People  in an art gallery

9 New York - Art of New York City

Mountainous coastline

10 Hawaii - Hawaii Soulful Journey

Person sitting on a rock overlooking a mountain scape

11 Texas - Hiking Big Bend National Park

church exterior

12 Spain - Hiking the Camino de Santiago

Desert scene

13 Arizona - Hiking World of Wonder in the American Southwest

Shelves on side of brick wall with plantings

14 Spain - Hiking the Camino de Santiago

Group on mountain overlooking coastline

15 Hawaii - Hawaii Soulful Journey

Person posing with rock

16 Texas - Hiking Big Bend National Park

photo of statue on a bench

17 Spain - Hiking the Camino de Santiago

Sunset with palm trees and bay

18 Hawaii - Exploring the Wonders of Hawaii the Big Island

Whale in the ocean

19 Mexico - Sea Kayaking the Best of Baja

Rocky cliff on a river

20 Wisconsin - Kayaking the Upper Wisconsin Dells

View of bay from inside a tent

21 Mexico - Biking/Hiking Baja Mexico

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