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Global Chats: COVID-19 Focus is a series of talks hosted by Dr. Julia DiLiberti, Professor of Humanities and Global Education Liaison, Maren McKellin, Manager of Field and Experiential Learning, and Sue Kerby, Coordinator of Study Abroad. The talks will feature College of DuPage faculty experts and their perspective of how the pandemic is affecting people and places all over the world in a variety of subjects, including biology, psychology, humanities, health, fitness and economics. This introduction to the series highlights upcoming talks.

This week's Global Chats Episode

Episode #25: “Student Life: Engaging Students in a COVID-19 World”

Chuck Steele, Manager of Student Life, discusses the challenges and opportunities of engaging students remotely and the importance of reflection in the experiential learning process.

Episode 24: “Community College Initiative Students Return Home”

Kayla Chepyator, Coordinator of the Community College Initiative Program at COD, discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the CCI students studying at COD last spring as they finished their year at and then returned home. CCI alumna, Linda Otieno, joins us from Kenya.


Episode 1: Testing and Treatments

Julia DiLiberti interviews Professor of Biology Kathleen Finan, MD, and Interim Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences Dilyss Gallyot, RN, and gets their perspective on the pandemic, what’s being done, what can we do, and why testing and treatments are still being worked out.

Episode 2: Japan's Response and the 2020 Olympics

Julia DiLiberti interviews Shingo Satsutani, Professor of Japanese and Vice President of the American Association of Teachers of Japanese, to get his perspective on the pandemic affecting Japan and the 2020 Olympics moving to 2021.

Episode 3: Individual and Team Sports and Fitness

Julia DiLiberti interviews Physical Education, Fitness, and Sports Studies Instructor Stephanie Vlach on the impact of COVID-19 on sports at the local and international levels.

Episode 4: The Gaming Industry: Manufacturing, Retail, Esports and Gamification

Maren McKellin interviews Steve Santello, Assistant Professor and Co-Chair of Computer and Information Science, about the impact of COVID-19 on the gaming community, including manufacturing, retail, Esports, gamification of curriculum and the therapeutic benefits of gameplay.

Episode 5: Social Isolation and its Effect on Mental Health, IPV, and Addiction

Julia DiLiberti interviews Andrea Polites, Assistant Professor of Human Services, and discusses the pandemic’s effect on mental health, addictions and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) during the global pandemic.

Episode 6: An Educational Conversation about the US and Eswatini

Julia DiLiberti interviews Shannon Brown, Associate Professor of Education and Teacher Preparation, and Dr. Karen Ferreira-Meyers, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Linguistics and Modern Languages at University of Eswatini, to discuss the effects of COVID-19 on education in their respective countries: the U.S. and Eswatini.

Episode 7: Outdoor and Adventure Education: Returning to the Great Outdoors

Maren McKellin interviews Gib Egge, Instructor and Coordinator of Experiential Education and Training, to discuss the effects of COVID-19 on the outdoor and adventure education industry. Gib shares Leave No Trace principles to help protect the great outdoors both here and abroad as we start venturing out again.

Episode 8: The Arts of a Pandemic

Julia DiLiberti interviews Connie Canaday Howard, Professor of Theater, and Lee Kesselman, Professor of Music, to discuss the relevance of arts and COVID-19’s impact on them.

Episode 9: COVID-19, Disabilities, and Deafness

Julia DiLiberti interviews Dr. Michael Duggan, Counselor for Students with Disabilities and Adam Wasilewski, Assistant Professor of Sign Language, about how COVID-19 is impacting those who are deaf and those with disabilities.

Episode 10: Comics, Cartoons and COVID-19

Maren McKellin interviews Dr. Julia DiLiberti, Professor of Humanities, and Adam Fotos, Assistant Professor of Humanities, about the role cartoons and comics play in the global pandemic.

Episode 11: COVID-19: Escaping our Bubbles through Film and Television

Maren McKellin interviews Marco Benassi, Professor of Speech Communication and Film, about exploring culture through film and television when we’re grounded from travel.

Episode 12: A Sociological Look at COVID-19

Maren McKellin interviews Dr. Robert Moorehead, Associate Professor of Sociology, about the global pandemic as it relates to social causes and consequences.

Episode 13: Nursing Homes and Healthcare Workers

Sue Kerby interviews Ideen Zarkin, COD Certified Nursing Assistant program instructor, about the CNA program and the impact of COVID-19 on nursing homes, their staff and residents.

Episode 14: The Science Fiction of a Pandemic

Maren McKellin interviews Dr. Christine Monnier, Professor of Sociology, about the evolution of the genre, the rebuilding of community, and why good science fiction is good sociology.

Episode 15: George Floyd, 846, and Necessary Conversations

Julia DiLiberti interviews Tauya Forst, J.D., Associate Professor of Justice Studies, and Dr. Dennis Emano, Professor and Student Mental Health Counselor, about the impact of George Floyd’s death, the implications of it, the 846 movement, and the need for difficult conversations.

Episode 16: COVID-19, Access to Information, Disinformation, and Staying Informed

Julia DiLiberti interviews Amanda Musacchio, Instructor of Library Information and Technology, and Jason Ertz, Associate Professor and Reference Librarian, as they tackle the issues of information, disinformation, and access to information worldwide.

Episode 17: Building Around and Beyond COVID: The Shape of Architecture

Julia DiLiberti interviews Jane Ostergaard, Professor of Architecture, and Mark Pearson, Professor of Architecture, to discuss COVID-19 and its impact on current and future spaces, buildings, and constructions.

Episode 18: COVID-19 and the Environment

Sue Kerby and Shamili Ajgaonkar, Professor of Biology, discuss the relationship between COVID-19 and the environment.

Episode 19: Keep Calm and Educate On: How to Do Just That While COVID-19 Looms Large

Shannon Brown, Associate Professor of Education, and Dr. Ada Wainwright, Professor of Psychology, discuss the situation of schooling during COVID-19, education tips for parents and students, and managing the inherent stress of remote/e-learning.

Episode 20: Jazzing Up the Conversation: Is Jazz a World Music and Some Other Improvised Ideas

WDCB Station Manager Dan Bindert, and Saxophonist/Clarinetist, Dr. Matt Shevitz, Assistant Professor of Music, discuss jazz as a world music, a relevant force, and try to answer what makes jazz well, jazz.

Episode 21: COVID-19’s Impact on the Job Market: Making it Work

Career Service Specialists Pierre Michiels, CRC, and Melissa Schertz, CRC, discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the job market and what you can do to remain a viable job candidate during the COVID-19 crisis.

Episode 22: “Welcome to Fall Realities: A Second Conversation with Kathy Finan and Dilyss Gallyot about COVID-19”

Professor of Biology Kathleen Finan, MD, and Interim Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences Dilyss Gallyot, RN, offer updates since their first conversation with us about COVID-19, including what's being done, what we can do, why testing and treatments are still being worked out, and what Fall semester will look like for students and the community at large.

Episode 23: “Clear and Present: The Inevitable Intersection of Political Science and COVID-19”

Maureen Heffern Ponicki, Assistant Professor of Political Science, discusses the intersections of political science and COVID-19, touching on topics from healthcare, different government responses to COVID-19, and mail-in ballots.

Future Global Chats

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