Student Stories: Adam Souhrada

Adam Souhrada

Major: Architecture

Adam Souhrada always had a desire to create and draw.

“The combination of drawing, mathematics and science that architecture requires really interests me,” he said.

Souhrada originally attended Iowa State University, where he spent one year in core design and was accepted into the Art program. He only planned to attend College of DuPage for one semester to pick up a few classes, but he really liked the Architecture program and decided to stay.

“The years I spent at COD really helped me develop my skills and learn valuable information that I will need down the road,” he said.

In 2015, he secured a summer internship at Sullivan Goulette & Wilson LTD in Chicago. He then transferred to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s Illinois School of Architecture, where he twice earned second place for the Earl Prize, an award for design excellence in architecture studio presented each semester.

After interning in 2016 at EWP Architects in Oak Brook, Souhrada traveled to Spain as part of UIUC’s study abroad program at the Escola Tecnica Superior d’Arquitectura del Valles in Sant Cugat, Barcelona.

“I loved studying in Barcelona and having the opportunity to travel around Europe, visiting places I’ve always wanted to see and experiencing the different cultures,” he said. “I ended up traveling to 16 countries during my nine months abroad. My favorite places I made it to were Santorini and Paris. I really miss living in Europe and getting to travel all the time.”

Two days after returning from Barcelona, Souhrada walked for graduation. Then he started his Master of Architecture degree at UIUC where, during his last semester, he took part in the Plym Studio. 

“This is the most prestigious studio at UIUC’s School of Architecture,” he said. “Along with my classmates, I got the opportunity to learn from the distinguished visiting Plym Professor Gong Dong, founder of Vector Architects. The studio also included a weeklong trip to Beijing to learn about the typologies of traditional Chinese Hutongs and to Yangshuo to visit the celebrated luxury hotel Alila Yangshuo, designed by Gong Dong and Vector Architects. My final project for the studio was nominated by Gong Dong and Zhu-Pei for the Earl Prize. It was a fantastic experience and an honor to be nominated by renowned architects, especially in a class full of amazing projects.”

Souhrada completed his master’s degree and traveled around Europe to celebrate being done with my formal education. He now is an architect at Wight & Company, working alongside fellow COD classmate Carmine Calabria. 

Souhrada highly recommends the Architecture program at College of DuPage.  

“Students considering the Architecture program at COD should know that the professors you have will care about your education, will push you to do your very best and want you to succeed. The things you learn here will more than prepare you for when you transfer to a four-year university,” he said. “If you are willing to put in the hard work that this major requires, you will have no issue being successful at COD.

“After transferring to UIUC, I feel very lucky to have studied architecture at COD and to have learned from Jane Ostergaard, Mark Pearson and Ted Kulinski. They taught me how to become a successful architecture student and I cannot thank them enough for it.”

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