Student Stories: Micah Pegman

Student Stories: Micah Pegman

Major: Computer and Information Technology

Micah Pegman’s interest in computers began at the age of 9 when his parents bought the first family computer.

He was 20 when a friend convinced him to study for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) credential. Now he has graduated from College of DuPage with multiple credentials, having completed both the Computer and Internetworking Technician and Information Systems Security associate degrees as well as CCNA certification in Routing and Switching, Voice, and Security.

Pegman currently works at SecureWorks, where he was a security analyst for three years and is now the Senior Advisor of Information Security Research. He is designing a threat-hunting platform to help clients find unknown computer threats that are difficult to detect using normal means.

“College of DuPage was a great experience that definitely prepared me for the responsibilities that I hold,” he said. “The skills I acquired during my time at COD have allowed my to quickly progress and received promotions faster than anticipated. I am planning to continue my education at COD to help prepare me for my current role as I'm working in an area I never expected to.”

He is also part of the 3+1 program with Lewis University, where he is finishing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. His eventual goal is to obtain the CCIE and a master’s degree in Cyber Security from Lewis University. 

“Having been awarded two degrees and the CCNA certifications at College of DuPage, I gained more confidence in being able to perform at my work,” he said. “My advice to other students is to relax because it’s easy to overthink things in the beginning. Make sure you practice what is taught. Don’t just read the books and think you’re finished, because this is just the beginning.”

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