Student Stories: Rocio Mendoza

Rocio Mendoza

Major: Medical Assistant

Rocio Mendoza was drawn to the Medical Assistant program because of her mother, who worked in a doctor's office.

"When I was younger, I would go to her job and was fascinated by what she did," she said. "In looking at programs at College of DuPage, I came across the Medical Assistant program and realized that it was close to what my mom would do at her job. Another thing that interested me was that I would be able to assist patients and their needs to help them live a healthier life. I also would not only have the opportunity to take vitals and care for patients but also perform clerical duties and handle copayments, insurance, scheduling, paperwork and much more. That really caught my eye because it is a combination of working with patients and at the front desk, which I love to do."

One reason Mendoza selected COD was how close it was to home, as she didn't want to live on a college campus.

"COD has a very welcoming and safe environment as well as outstanding programs and courses to offer students, some of whom come from around the world," she said. "COD gives you the college experience with all the extracurricular activities and events that other schools have, all held on campus."

Mendoza also likes the guidance from faculty and staff that helps her set goals in each course she takes.

"When I have a new course and feel it is a bit difficult, I make it a mission to start and finish strong by receiving the help I need and completing my assignments and competencies to get to where I want to be career-wise," she said. "It is vital to be punctual and responsible, especially when it comes to the medical field.

"COD is making me realize that I can do much more than I thought I could. COD has really helped me unfold as a person and become more open to try new things and challenge myself, which is very important in life. In order to get places, you must step out of your comfort zone and try new things."

After graduating with her associate in applied science degree, Mendoza wants to work for several years and hone her skills in the field. Then she would like to continue her education in either the medical or educational field, as she has experience as a reading assistant, receptionist and registration assistant at schools.

"I want to keep aiming for high goals that seem impossible but are most definitely possible with effort and dedication."

She strongly recommends College of DuPage and advices prospective students to not be afraid to reach out for guidance from faculty, counselors and fellow students.

"We students are more than happy to help incoming students or those who are interested in attending because we understand and were once in their shoes," she said. "Students considering the Medical Assistant program should not be afraid to reach out for guidance. Diane Gryglak is great coordinator, and her goal is to help you better yourself and become the best medical assistant you could be. The program will give you all the tools and skills you need to perform to the best of your ability.

"I feel privileged to have joined the Medical Assistant program with such great classmates and professors to learn from. Never would I have thought I would find such a perfect fit for me and it is a decision I made that I will never turn back on!"

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