Student Stories: Joshua Goorsky

Student Stories: Joshua Goorsky

Major: Construction Management  

Joshua Goorsky knows firsthand that it’s never too late to go to college.

As a boy, he developed a love of architecture while putting his Lego sets together, which planted the seeds for a future career.

“I have always been interested in how structural things are built, as well as how things are put together,” he said.

But as an adult, Goorsky decided to follow the same route as father, who worked as a union roofer.

“I joined the union at the age of 22 although I knew I was capable of so much more,” he said. “I watched my father destroy his body in the field in order to support his family. Because I did not really enjoy my career, I decided to enroll in college at the age of 32.”

Following the passion that he developed in childhood, Goorsky came to College of DuPage after someone told him about the Construction Management program. He continued to work full time while going to school, which wasn’t easy but well worth it.

“COD helped me meet my educational goals by providing a great program and quality education, which I give credit to the instructors who really took the time to help those who actually showed an interest to what they were studying,” he said. “College of DuPage provided a great environment to learn in as well as resources needed to be success in both school and life as a whole.”

Having earned his degree, Goorsky is now working for Morgan / Harbour Construction as an assistant superintendent. He is enjoying his new career and life as a college graduate. In order to pursue his bachelor’s degree at Indiana State University, he is taking additional courses at COD before transferring. 

Goorsky ultimately he would like to open his own business. He highly recommends COD and knows that age is not a barrier to success. 

“Never think it is too late to go back to school and start your career over,” he said. “Being a student who made this decision at a later time in life was difficult at times but definitely paid off in the end. Returning to school allowed me to go back and recreate my dreams and actually get to live them. I also understand the value of education today.

“College in general enriches your life as a whole, not only financially but also in helping you become a well-rounded person in all aspects of life. It also allows you to meet and develop relationships with people from every walk of life who you may never have met otherwise. College of DuPage is an amazing school with great resources to assist in employment after graduating. COD is a very large school that still offers small classroom experiences, and the Architecture program’s curriculum has been very helpful in the field. I also met a lot of great people who will be lifelong friends, and a few are now co-workers at Morgan / Harbour. Everyone at COD was friendly and helpful throughout my whole college career.”

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