Student Stories: Frank Giuliani

Frank Giuliani

Major: Engineering

Frank Giuliani first graduated from College of DuPage in 2002, when he earned an Associate in Applied Science degree in Mecomtronics (now Integrated Engineering Technology). He then worked in industry, primarily with analytical instrumentation.

“I built a couple hundred Cd-109 isotope sourced X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (XRF) for detecting lead in paint. I then transitioned to quality assurance and customer service for X-ray tube-based analyzers, those that were designed to measure the majority of the elements on a periodic table, from Mg to U,” he said. “I most recently managed a customer service group, providing support and maintenance for a variety of these analyzers to a global marketplace.

“It was through working with tools like these that I became much more interested in science and engineering. To see how it is useful, that I could be a more effective problem solver, is what motivated me to return to school.”

Giuliani selected College of DuPage for a second time. Inspired by a chemistry course, he landed an internship at Northwestern University and worked with a team studying how light interacts with man-made materials, called metamaterials, on the nanometer scale in hopes of enhancing light absorption of optoelectronic devices. This could be applied to improve technologies such as solar cells.

“I have always been fascinated with light, that it is ubiquitous and yet still somewhat mysterious. Learning how nanotechnology is improving the efficiency of light sensors is exciting,” he said.

After graduating with his Associate in Engineering Science degree, Giuliani transferred to Arizona State University, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) in Electrical Engineering. He now works as a quality assurance engineer at Bowman XRF, and tasks include completing subassemblies and system-level final assembly, inspection, and performance validation for a variety of coating thickness and elemental analysis instrument types and applications.

“Serving in this new role is proving to be a great first step out of my BSE,” he said. “Working with XRF products at this level requires seeing customer requirements built into product design, serving as a basis for future engineering innovation. My education has given me a fresh perspective to appreciate the interdependent systems and has broadened my options for contributing in other exciting ways throughout my career.”

Giuliani appreciated being allowed to take the necessary time at COD to rebuild his math and science foundation, and he thanks the faculty for their hands-on approach. 

“At COD, I paced myself appropriately, and I valued the quality of education over the speed at which I complete my coursework,” he said. “I am grateful to professors like Dr. Richard Jarman, who showed real interest in the success of their students. Dr. Jarman understands the human element in education and uses his vast talents to see that his students reach their potential. It is to him that the opportunity at Northwestern was made possible.”

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