Faculty Stories: Mark Rudisill

Faculty Stories: Mark Rudisill

Program: Economics

Mark Rudisill initially started college as an Accounting major.

“My first true interest in economics happened by accident,” he said. “I took several Principle of Economics courses to satisfy my gen-ed requirements. I enjoyed the courses and, in my junior year, I enrolled in an advanced macroeconomics theory course taught by the department chairman, Dr. Ahmad Murad. Besides his many community and teaching responsibilities, Dr. Murad was an economic advisor to the government of Jordan from 1970 to 1972. His knowledge and passion for economics was contagious. He sparked my interest in economics and, as they say, the rest is history.”

Rudisill switched majors and began a career path in economics. He and his wife operated a design consulting firm, working with a variety of business owners and non-profits, including church organizations.

But teaching has always been Rudisill’s passion. While completing his master’s in Economics at Eastern Illinois University, he began his teaching career there, which continued to Kansas State University where he finished his Ph.D. While running his company, he also taught as an adjunct instructor at College of DuPage. Although he relocated out of state for several years, he returned to the area and to COD to continue teaching as an adjunct.

When he and his wife decided to close their business, Rudisill applied for a full-time opening at COD and was offered the position.

“I consider the opportunity to teach an honor,” he said. “Teachers have the responsibility to help students in their personal growth and development. I know many other teachers at COD have the same mindset. That’s one major reason I feel comfortable and at home at College of DuPage.

“Economics exposes students to the complexities of our modern world. The best success stories I hear from students are based on them becoming caring, compassionate and responsible individuals to society. I strive to be a positive influence on my students and encourage them to always pursue their passion in life. I also have students informing me of their parents enjoying my classes when they were starting out at COD. It’s a great compliment, but somewhat surreal.”

Rudisill draws inspiration from his faith, and he is drawn to stories of ordinary individuals doing extraordinary tasks.

“It gives me inspiration and motivation to continually improve myself. If we strive to better ourselves, then I believe that enthusiasm will be an inspiration to the students we teach.”

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