Faculty Stories: Jeff Papp

Jeff Papp

Program: Radiation Therapy, MRI Technology

Jeff Papp brings a unique perspective to his Radiation Therapy students.

"I am a cancer survivor who was cured by radiation therapy," he said.

But he didn't turn to teaching at first. Instead, he worked at a local hospital as a technologist and medical physicist. But helping prepare the next generation of health care employees led him into teaching.

"I enjoy seeing that light bulb go off in students' heads when they finally grasp a difficult concept," Papp explained. "Besides learning the material in the course, I hope that they also learn how to think so that they are prepared for life in the real world and not just their chosen profession."

In doing so, perhaps his students will be inspired in the same way Papp is.

"I am inspired by a quest to know more about the world around us, so that I can then try to use that knowledge to try to make this world a little bit better."