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Locations and Staff

Police Department Office

Robert J. Miller Homeland Security Education Center (HEC), Room 1040
(630) 942-2000

Police Department Dispatch

Open 24 hours 7 days a week.
Student Resource Center (SRC), Room 2100
(630) 942-2000 

Chief of Police

Joe Mullin
Email: mullin@cod.edu

Deputy Chief of Police

Jim Nehls
Email: nehlsj156@cod.edu

Administrative Assistant

Sue Watts
Email: wattss14@cod.edu 


Kent Munsterman
Email: munsterm@cod.edu


Brian Kidd
Email:  kiddbr@cod.edu

Jeff Priest 
Email:  priestj@cod.edu 

Raul Valladares
Email: valladaresr@cod.edu 

Patrol Officers

Luis Aguilar
Email: aguilar118@cod.edu

Steve Cipriano
Email: ciprianos32@cod.edu

Gerard Grabowski
Email: grabowskig@cod.edu 

Kyle Gunderson
Email: gundersonk112@cod.edu

Eric Huffnus
Email: huffnuse@cod.edu

Derek Jensen
Email: jensend@cod.edu

Craig Lundt
Email: lundtc@cod.edu

Jerold Munoz
Email: munozj@cod.edu

Pat Nevison
Email: nevisonp@cod.edu

Patrick Regan
Email: reganp206@cod.edu

James Tamburrino
Email: tamburr@cod.edu

John Ucci
Email: uccijo@cod.edu

Mike Vesconte
Email: vescontem@cod.edu 

Community Service Officer

Joe Cahill
Email: cahillj639@cod.edu


Evan Charbonneau
Email: charbonneaue@cod.edu

Steffany Escareno
Email: escarenos@cod.edu

Bryan Gumm
Email: gummbr@cod.edu

Alexis Signorella
Email: signorellaa@cod.edu

Kirsten Rieser
Email: rieserk@cod.edu

Tony Rybarczyk 
Email:  rybarczyka@cod.edu