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Hoverboard Policy

In accordance with College of DuPage’s Administrative Procedure No. 1-105 4.F., hoverboards are prohibited within the College’s buildings.

Due to an increase in the number of skateboards and motorized skateboards and scooters, and the subsequent increased risk of personal injury and property damage, it is necessary to assert that the College of DuPage’s Administrative Procedure No. 1-105 4.F. (see below) also includes and forbids the use of hoverboards within the College’s buildings.

In an effort to keep the COD campus a safe and welcoming environment, COD joins a growing list of colleges, universities and many other organizations that have taken similar action.

We appreciate your cooperation and urge you to help keep the College of DuPage campus a safe and welcome environment for all.

College of DuPage Administrative Procedure No. 10-105 4. F.

The use of bicycles, roller blades, skateboards, motorized skateboards, scooters and other mechanical means of transportation are not allowed for use within College buildings. The only exception to this Board Policy and Administrative Procedure is the use of motorized carts by authorized individuals and employees when associated with their work assignment or classes.