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College of DuPage Fact Book

Strategic planning at College of DuPage is a continuous process that guides the direction of the institution and provides quantitative evidence of progress made towards advancing our mission and achieving our vision. The Fact Book provides an evidential base for the planning process by identifying statistical and trend data related to district demographics, student enrollment, retention and success, degree and certificates offered, employee numbers and demographics, and other pertinent information.

Therefore, this Fact Book is but one part of a “family” of College of DuPage planning documents:

  • The Strategic Long Range Plan (SLRP) is the key document in the family of planning documents. By identifying strategic goals and related objectives, it provides a clear and concise five- year road map for the College.
  • Since implementing strategies requires resources, the last document in the family of planning documents is a five-year financial plan that resides within the College of DuPage Budget for the fiscal year. Using realistic and conservative assumptions, resources are projected and allocated to fund the various divisional and departmental strategies.

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