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Post-Award Services

When a submitted proposal has been selected for funding, the Grants Office will notify all project personnel, and we will be able to assist with the following: 

Award Acceptance

Once a new grant is awarded, the Grants Office will manage the approval process of all grant documents. When the fully executed contract is received by the Grants Office, the Grants Office will announce the
award to the greater COD community via appropriate channels. Shortly after, the Grants Manager, Grants Specialist, and Grant Accountant will meet with the project team to clarify requirements of the program, the scope of work, and the appropriate processes for the expenditure of grant funds as outlined in the agreement. It is imperative that each person understands both internal and external policies, and the specific grant management responsibilities required by the funding agency.

Grant Management

Despite best efforts, occasionally certain aspects of a project do not go according to the original plan. When a Project Director has challenges meeting objectives, collecting data, or expending funds, they must inform the Grants Office immediately. Often, if caught early enough, problems can be easily solved. When too much time has passed and deadlines approach, tasks and compliance become more difficult.

Grants and contracts received from government and private agencies are legally binding agreements and grant recipients must fully comply with their terms. When a grant is awarded to COD, the college receives
a contract that requires project personnel to fully comply with the terms set out in the contract, even if they are modified from the original proposal.

Noncompliance can result in:

  • Termination of the contract
  • The requirement to refund money
  • Adverse publicity
  • A higher level of scrutiny in the future
  • Reduced likelihood of future funding from this or other sources

If such issues come up, the Grants Manager or Grants Specialist may request regular follow-up meetings with the Project Director and Grant Accountant in order to ensure compliance.

Grant Closeout

Once all funds are expended and the final reports submitted, the grant will be closed by the Grants Office and the Grant Accountant. All project files are kept for three, five, or seven years, according to the regulations of the funding agency.

For more information, please see the Grant Development and Management Guide.



Contact Information

Marcia Frank
Grants Manager
(630) 942-4611

Andrew Luce
Grants Specialist
(630) 942-4613