Process and Timeline

The Master Plan process in organized into five phases

    • Phase 1: Initiation
      Initiation is the exercise of gathering, organizing and prioritizing information into a common set of goals and master plan guiding principles.
    • Phase 2: Discover
      This phase comprises quantitative and qualitative information analysis, utilizing existing data, historical studies, assessments, interviews and reports to help inform the plan. Information collected during this phase will be synthesized, analyzed, and used to inform the development of the subsequent planning phases.
    • Phase 3: Big Ideas
      This phase focuses on development of ideas that holistically integrate priorities and goals first into a distinct set of guiding design principles and then into an appropriate concept scenarios.
    • Phase 4: Development
      Development involves further study of the preferred concept, including evaluation in greater detail of discrete site areas, so that it may be used to describe innovative development ideas, to obtain input and build consensus among campus and community stakeholders. It is the iterative portion of our process where we strengthen the foundations of the plan and collaborate with College representatives to ensure alignment of the design principles, program requirements, and vision.
    • Phase 5: Refinement
      In this phase, we refine the preferred development plan, adding detail, guidelines, and implementation actions. This will often include both near and long-term plan renderings that illustrate how the concept plan aligns with the guiding principles established early in the process.


Contact Information

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