To learn all of the "rules" about attaching a syllabus, review Blackboard Syllabus: Quick How-To in the COD Employee Portal.

To attach a syllabus in Blackboard:

  1. Prepare a syllabus and save it with the word Syllabus in the file name.
  2. Enter Blackboard and open the course.
  3. Edit Mode - On.
  4. Click the Syllabus link on the Course Menu. 
  5. Mouse over Build Content.
  6. Select Item.
    • In Section 1, enter a title, such as Syllabus.
    • In Section 2, click Browse My Computer to attach your syllabus file.
    • In Section 3, click Yes for Permit Users to View this Content.
  7. Click Submit when finished.

On the next screen, a "Success" message appears in the green bar at the top of the page.

Enrolled students now have 24/7 access to the syllabus.

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