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Blackboard Grade Center

Hide Dropped Students

Case Study

One of Kelly's students has dropped. She notices that Sue is still listed in the Grade Center, but there is a gray null sign next to her name, and she is listed as "Unavailable" in the Availability column.

Student has a null symbol next to name.

Checking the Icon Legend, Kelly learns that the null symbol means User Unavailable

Blackboard's Icon Legend with the null symbol and User Unavailable circled.

Kelly wants to remove this student from her view in the Grade Center. While the Blackboard Grade Center won't allow an instructor to "delete" a student, any student can be "hidden."

To hide a student in the Grade Center:

Click on Manage then on Row Visibility.

A checkmark is added next to the student's name. The Hide Rows button is highlighted.

The student's name has turned gray.

Sue's name is now hidden in the main Grade Center view.

The hidden student's name no longer displays in the Grade Center.

The student has not been "deleted" from the course. Kelly can make the student (and the student's scores) visible again by returning to Manage and selecting Row Visibility. To show the name, simply add a checkmark next to the name and select Show Rows.


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