Blackboard: Import Package

Instructors may import course materials that have been previously exported from another course using the Import Package tool. Instructors can import the whole course package, or selected parts of the course.

To Import a Course Package

  1. Save the zip file of the exported course to your computer (typically, if you are scheduled to teach an online class, the zip file will be emailed to you).
  2. Open Blackboard and go to the new course that will needs the imported course material.
  3. Go to Control Panel.
  4. Open Packages and Utilities.
  5. Click Import Package / View Logs.|

    Control Panel Import link
  6. On the Import Package / View Logs screen, click the Import Package button.

    Import Package button highlighted.

  7. In section 2 of the Import Package screen, click the Browse button and navigate to your saved ExportFile package.

    Browse my Computer button

  8. In section 3, click the Select All button. Do not check any of the checkboxes that were not checked automatically.
  9. Click Submit.  

NOTE: After you click Submit, the screen may sit there for several moments. Do NOT click the Submit button more than once.

Once the information is submitted, the Blackboard system imports the selected content and information. When the process is complete, the instructor receives an email.  Depending upon the size of the course and the ISP connection speed, this might take several minutes to several hours. For an average sized course, using a fast connection, this process usually only takes a few minutes.

After the confirmation email has been received, the course may be edited for use in the new term. 

Review the Course

The instructor should next review the course:

When your course is ready for students, be sure to Make Your Course Available (Blackboard - 1.5 minute video).


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