Information Technology

Download a Roster from Blackboard's Grade Center

Need a roster?

While you can use Blackboard's Users/Groups to see a roster, it is easy to print or download a roster from the Grade Center. If you download a roster,you can use it to keep your attendance electronically. Here's how:

Control Panel

Open a course in Blackboard and navigate to the Control Panel.

Click the Grade Center link.

Grade Center Open the Full Grade Center.
Click Work Offline and then select Download. After the Grade Center opens, mouse over Work Offline (far right) and select Download.
Click User Information radio button. The Download Grades Screen will appear. In Section 1, under Select Data to Download, click the radio button "User Information Only."
Submit Click Submit.
Download button The data has been saved. Click the Download button.

Open or Save (Firefox)
Sample Save/Open screen from Firefox

Open or Save (Internet Explorer)
Sample Save/Open screen from Internet Explorer

You will be asked if you want to Open or Save the file.

Click Open to view the file in a spreadsheet.

Warning - click Yes A warning appears. Click Yes to open the file.

The spreadsheet will display the name of your students.

To track your class attendance, manually enter dates of your class in the spreadsheet and use the columns to mark attendance.