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Summer Term is Here

Start or continue your academic journey at COD. Registration remains open for summer classes with additional sessions beginning June 12 and July 3. Looking forward to fall? Register now for the best selection of courses before classes begin Monday, Aug. 21.

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Activities for Everyone

There are over 90 student clubs and organizations at COD.

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Locations in Your Neighborhood

There are four COD Centers located in District 502 offering various classes and community activities: Addison, Carol Stream, Naperville and Westmont.

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A Leading Employer in DuPage County

2,500 faculty and staff are employed at COD, designating the College as one of the largest employers in DuPage County.

Success Stories: Helen "Pat" Knight

"I really can’t quit. Somehow when I am not learning, especially in a class, I am missing something. I still enjoy fishing on trips to places like Montana, Argentina, Canada and Belize. I know my education gives me a unique view on these trips beyond catching and releasing beautiful fish."

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Success Stories: Areeb Kidwai

“It doesn’t matter what you have or haven’t done, what matters is this moment. Don’t seek acceptance from other people. The only acceptance you need is your own.”

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Success Stories: Belem Oseguera Duran

"Every class I took helped me grow as a student and challenged me to apply what I learned. I want to give a shout out to all my professors and theater directors for making my time at COD a wonderful experience."

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Success Stories: Samuel Franklin

"It is very possible to get through two or three years debt-free and not have to take out loans if you put the work in. I graduated with much less debt, and even though I still have some, that’s much closer to my goal of zero than I would’ve been if I went to a four-year institution right out of high school."

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Success Stories: Jessica Halder

"I met professors who offered a flood of information in regards to transfer schools and advice as I considered my options. They answered questions I did not know I had about building a career and the right steps to take in order to obtain my goals."

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