Living Leadership Conference Keynote Speaker

Mike Fritz

What do you get when you mix a standup comedian and someone who has a master’s degree in leadership?  One of the most sought after speakers on the college circuit.  Mike’s knowledge of leadership and the ability to make people laugh until it hurts is unmatched.  

Mike is on a mission to “Make Leadership Fun” for every student and adult alike. He believes that for far too long we have had to endure boring leadership seminars while staring at graphs and a stiff speaker sweating through his suit. Mike desires to put an end to this. He has called “An inspirational speaking god” by one of the students in his audience. He believes that humor, when coupled with inspiration, is the best way to learn about anything. Mike founded the website in order to give people the option to laugh while they learn about one of the most important topics there is. Mike believes, your ability to impact people and leave a legacy has everything to do with your ability to position yourself in someones life and lead them toward greatness.Now lets make leadership fun!

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will be able to list the 3 step plan to increase involvementretention and event attendance.
  2. Students will be able to identify the first step in increasing involvementretention and event attendance for their organization.
  3. Students will be to clearly articulate and identify a simplistic definition of leadership!


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