Summer Jumpstart Programs

Jumpstart your college career this summer and meet other students before fall begins!

  • Freshman Adventure Ropes Course for College Success – Education 1115
  • Leadership Development – Humanities 2210
  • Student Leadership Retreat


This is a great opportunity for new students to make friends and jumpstart your year while getting an introduction to academic success skills necessary for meeting the challenge of a college education. Explore various methods of test preparation, address anxiety outside and in the classroom, time management and goal setting in a fun and adventure-filled way!

For more information, contact:
Dana Thompson
(630) 942-2528


Leadership skills are important, not just as you prepare to enter college, but as you consider entering a career, or even volunteering in the community. These are not just skills set apart for becoming active in clubs or organizations on campus, but are life skills.

If you are interested in meeting new people, camping, and building your leadership skills, this class is for you!  Take a look at different leadership styles and how to develop your own personal style of leadership. You will have the opportunity to gain essential leadership skills through case studies, camping and service learning.

For more information, contact:
Chuck Steele
(630) 942-2642

Lauren Morgan
(630) 942-2007


Student Life believes in everyone's capacity to be a leader. Leadership skills extend beyond what you can get involved in on campus, but into the rest of your life as well. During the retreat you will learn how leadership can impact your collegiate career and beyond.

The Three Tenets of Leadership Philosophy are discussed and you will receive an introduction to the Living Leadership Program. This is a wonderful opportunity to network with other students interested in leadership, find out about opportunities to get connected on campus, participate in challenging and fun activities, and start the school year with a bang ... all while having a GREAT time!

For more information, contact:
Stephanie Quirk
(630) 942-2647