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Wednesday, March 14 & Thursday, March 15

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Student Body President Candidate


Brody Stejskal

Brody Stejskal

Hometown: Naperville
Major: Business

Brody Stejskal

My involvement with the SLC as a member so far has given me some insight into the amazing work that they can achieve. The Pulsera Project and Hunger Banquet are some SLC projects that I've helped with. I want to be president because I want to become more involved with the greatness that SLC provides.

Talking to some people around school I found out that SLC's prominence only lasts at the beginning of the year and during election time. I want more consistency and better representation of students year round. My first step would be to talk to all of the clubs around campus, and get our most involved student voices heard first. Then from there we can branch out to try and get more student involvement for students who aren't in clubs. Another idea is to have meetings near campus central or in a bigger forum. This would create a more open space for meetings therefore, gaining more perceptive from other prospective students.

I am a Student Ambassador, an officer for entrepreneurship club, and I am bringing the service based club Rotaract to College of DuPage. Before coming to College of DuPage, I was Vice President of Tri-M musical honors society at Neuqua Valley High School, and a boy scout for 5 years, so I understand the structure and meaning of leadership.

There has been a lot of what "I" want to do, but the real president job is about what "you" want. You will be creating the platform that I will stand by, you will be more involved in what you get from College of DuPage, but most importantly we will work together to make a great College experience. This campaign starts with you, because together we can make a great College experience.


Yasmin-Hajara Isa

Yasmin-Hajara Isa

Hometown: Aurora
Major: Computer Science

Yasmin-Hajara Isa

Greetings to my fellow student body, administration, and faculty. My name is Yasmin Isa, seeking the privilege to serve as the 2018-2019 student body president. As a student at College of DuPage, I am majoring in Computer Science, software engineering. I am running for this position because COD is like a second home to me and this brings a perfect opportunity to get involved and contribute not only in the current students' lives but also to help establish and provide a better and fun experience for future students because only we can improve it. The current SLC members have adequately provided that, including various opportunities for involvement, so engagement seeking at COD is not difficult due to the numerous events, programs and organization available. I found myself indulging in many volunteer opportunities such as the Food Truck Rally, 5K and much more and that really increased my appreciation for the school. However, what I love and admire the most about COD is its academic resources. Education is held with high regards and importance, that is a value I hope to help keep alive. SLC, as I have examined, is an extension of Student Council in which I have held secretary and treasurer positions in the past. I was also a member of the executive board of My high school's MSA and have also managed, directed, hosted and coordinated multiple events and programs in the past as well, so I offer you my experience, skill, and knowledge. With the qualities I have obtained I look forward to helping my future colleagues if elected reach their full potential as leaders and make room for terms like "we" and "us". As a SLC member I wish to be part of a visible and approachable team here at the College of DuPage.


Brenda Tlachi-Valencia

Brenda Tlachi-Valencia

Hometown: Lombard
Major: Political Science

Brenda Tlachi-Valencia

My name is Brenda Yisel Tlachi-Valencia and I currently reside in the city of Lombard. My major area of study is political science. I am currently running for the position of Student Council President because I want to be a voice that represents my peers in a way that they want to be represented and not misinterpreted, for me to be able to voice their joined opinions into one clear and concise voice; where I want to represent my peers—and my college—in a way that is to be respected and admired.

While at College of DuPage I have had the privilege to be apart of the forensic (speech) team, in a sense that it has allowed me to be much more confident in myself and grow my public speaking abilities in a much stronger way then when I did it in high school [for several years]. Which is why I believe that the ability to speak into a large crowd is a strong qualification I possess that is relevant to my position because I am able to speak clearly into a crowd without getting very nervous to do so. I also believe that my outgoing personality is helpful due to the position of the president having to speak to a large amount of different people and that is something that I know I can excel in. Overall, what I appreciate about College of DuPage is the atmosphere it encompasses, which is a mixture of a safe yet a fun and learning environment where there is some event always going on to attend and the many helpful teachers and departments for everyone to grow and/or receive help. If there are any questions you need answered, I am able to be reached at my email: Thank you. 


Denise Calma

Denise Calma

Hometown: Carol Stream
Major: Criminal Justice

Denise Calma

I believe that there are a lot of students who may not see their full potential at College of DuPage. I want to be the voice for them. I want to encourage them that if given the chance, it will allow them to open to door for many opportunities not only to benefit themselves, but for the college as well. I want to help and show that if given the chance, they can see there is more to them than they first thought.

At College of DuPage, I am currently involved in Sci-Fi/Fantasy club, Pride Alliance and the Student Leadership Council as a member. I am also a member of Phi Theta Kappa.

I feel I am qualified for this position because I have already been in a similar leadership role as the President of Page Turners. I have also attended different events and functions on campus which allowed me to know what is going on around the campus and the community as well.

I appreciate the open events that the campus holds in which students can meet new people and form new friendships. I enjoy the welcoming atmosphere on campus that allows students to be who they are and accept them for it. I like that College of DuPage has special programs with other colleges and allow connections to form before transferring. I appreciate that the faculty here has given me the tools during my classes and have challenged my way of thinking that allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. 


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